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 A "letter of notice"

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A "letter of notice" Empty
PostSubject: A "letter of notice"   A "letter of notice" I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 8:29 pm

Today, sunday 17/1 we had our weekly summit, and suddenly everyone starts using the language "Gutterspeak", now if this was because some Troll appeared or just because they saw it fitting, i do not care, and i do especially not care about "who did and who did not" do it..

In our guild, we have mainly forsaken, BUT, seeing how people like diversity, i feel that the "others" in our guild, namely the minority of non-forsaken chars make up a colourfull side-identity of the guild, and creates a positive variety of both looks, but also stories and rp styles. So let me make one thing perfectly clear, i will not accept, unless notefied, any use of Gutterspeak at social meetings, especially summits seeing how this can bother this minority of our group.
(This does not mean that you can't say a word or two in gutterspeak, as i tend to do the same in Thalassian, as well as keep a private convo with another forsaken in gutterspeak)
If this is not honored i will (and i know this sounds like some stupid childish thing, but at one point, a girl just gets enough) leave the social event, creating a strange situation ic, but it saves me alot of annoyment. And if this goes on, i will leave the guild and urge any non-forsaken char to do the same.

this is not me raging over something said and something done, this is me doing what i should have done a long time ago.

Oh, and do please comment on this.. Sad
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A "letter of notice" Empty
PostSubject: Re: A "letter of notice"   A "letter of notice" I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 11:19 pm

Yea, I know I'm to blame on some of these cases. Today it was because of the troll appearing in the summit, although it wasn't so necessary. And in the protest I had a few words with Eddey, since Kel wouldn't want the people outside hear about personal issues.

But there are cases I can't explain without making poor excuses. I admit, I have an obsession for Gutterspeak, which I will have to work on. It's not to annoy anyone or anything. And it's great that you brought this issue. Sorry about the summit... you're still awesome.
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A "letter of notice"
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