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 Geriand's Angelic Journal of "His Return" and the Apothecarium Scrap Book

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Geriand's Angelic Journal of "His Return" and the Apothecarium Scrap Book Empty
PostSubject: Geriand's Angelic Journal of "His Return" and the Apothecarium Scrap Book   Geriand's Angelic Journal of "His Return" and the Apothecarium Scrap Book I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 10, 2010 8:35 pm

This topic provides both an IC expression of Geriand's background knowledge of the events taking place as well as a place for you all to OOCly gather notes and information you have taken down from the events. The purpose of this is that none of you become OOCly confused on what is going on. Please however do not use anything from this topic that your character would not already know ICly without first finding it out ICly.
If you see someone has posted something which makes you think "Ooo, I think "X" should know that" I see no reason why you cannot ask them about what they saw at the time in which the information was gathered, hopefully they'll catch on and ICly tell you what you want to know.
I am going to do the first OOC data collection for the first 2 events to give you an example of how you can present it when it comes to future events and what they do.

Event 1: Felucia's Recruit
What happened during the event: Posters had been plastered across the Apothecarium declaring the return of Senior Apothecary Muhgo Lichbane, his return heralded and praised by Miss Felucia Black. He arrived late and immediately set the Apothecaries to work on creating a Bumbleberry juice drink with extra kick for the Kor'kron Guards. After placing a series of interesting and unusual ingredients into the concoction a last minute additon was a strange vial given to Muhgo by Zarzg. Prime candidates for assisting Muhgo in the creation of the juice were Reivain and Akhorahil. Muhgo gave a flask to a Kor'kron guard and she fell to the floor dead before Kelmith or Tristan could save her. Muhgo was pushed against the wall and killed by Tristan leaving an angry Overseer in the corner and a dead Apothecary on the floor.

IC: I unfortunately arrived too late to prevent Muhgo Lichbane from causing a blemish on our society. These cultists have been operating for this long under our noses? How have we allowed this to slip... It looks as if we may have a serious problem here and it doesn't help they are trying to lay the blame at the hands of Felucia. I don't even know why they would want her to be responsible... it's not that she couldn't be doing it just that it would be ridiculous...
Kelmith however blames me, I could see it in his eyes.

Mugho revealed these hints to you all:

A Mistress he served
Made mention of serving a Grand Apothecary
Called the Apothecarium members traitors
Was a recognised and respected Senior Apothecary who went missing at the time of the Wrathgate. - Yet no one had heard of him? As far as any of you should be aware he counts as a new recruit.
He was recruited into the Apothecarium by Miss Felucia Black
Black was mentioned to you all by Muhgo in passing reference
A mysterious female voice spoke to you from within the shards, she sounded sort of like Felucia.

Event 2: Garland's Gambit
What happened during the event: Garland Steelbone arrived in the Venomspite laboratory as a group of Apothecaries were working. He began to mix and create an Elixer of Giant Growth and a bomb. Garland showed skill when crafting the bomb but little talent at brewing the potion. Once they were complete Tristan suspected something and followed Garland onto the upper levels where Garland threw several bombs into the cauldrons above the laboratory working space. As they tried to stop him Garland drank the Elixer and grew to a size and strength which made even bullets poultry to his power. Tristan however thought quickly and ran to the cauldron of elixer at the bottom of the labs and drank a vial so he could meet him on even ground. Garland eventually saw his defeat coming and jumped into the central vial of blight with two bombs causing the majority of the facility to be destroyed.
IC: Not again! What makes this even worse is that I knew it was going to happen yet I could do nothing. A'dal why did you even tell me... Kelmith is laying the blame at the hands of either Duskmantle or Putress... that makes some sense however I doubt this. These foolish Undead keep referring to a Mistress... as far as I was aware Putress was male and Duskmantle at least claimed to be male... We've begun reconstruction of the Venomspite Laboratory, what happens next, only A'dal knows...
Garland revealed these hints to you all:

Garland serves a Mistress, he called her "Mistress Black"
Garland DID NOT mention a Grand Apothecary
Garland called the Apothecarium members traitors
Garland said he hated Apothecary work yet showed skill at Alchemy as he made a Growth and Strength potion, the recipe however contained a poison. This means that Garland was given a recipe and did not create it himself. Thus this means that whoever his Mistress is, she is a capable Alchemist and planned to kill him if the Apothecaries didn't.
Garland did however show skill when creating his bomb in the laboratory. This means that he did not require assistance with this part of the plan.
Garland is a Deathguard for the Apothecarium in the Undercity, he should not have been in Venomspite and while many of you may not have known him personally. he has been guarding you since the Wrathgate and you would recognise his face, even if you couldn't put a name to it.

There we go, I will add more to this once I plug out a few more events.
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Geriand's Angelic Journal of "His Return" and the Apothecarium Scrap Book
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