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 "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand

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"His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand Empty
PostSubject: "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand   "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 12:45 am

Since I know you are reading this Dars, yet I do plan to talk to you about it when you get back, we love you muchly <3

Interesting Introduction

With the death today of a poor and humble Kor'kron Guard of the Apothecarium at the hands of the slightly off his head Senior Apothecary Lichbane, rumours are beginning to surface in the Apothecarium over the reasons for his return and the strange circumstances surrounding his death.

Father Geriand Lightsworn has been acting strangely around several members of the Apothecarium, even those he once stated as his friends, those he claimed he would trust until he retured to the grave.
Felucia Black, the Head of the Research and Development department has been somehow linked to the strange events which are developing.

The Apothecarium must prepare... for soon, he shall return to them once more.


Tell me more Geriand!
In another effort to provide a second storyline to run while our ever loveable leader studies hard at the hell hole we know and love as Boarding School ((Or hiding in easily accessible places in game where no one has ever heard of him when refering to the IC Dars)) this series of events has come under a new tag I have masterfully designed known as an "Epic Event Chain" i.e and EEC.
This EEC will follow the return of a person very important to the Apothecarium and follow the story of Mistress Apothecary Lucida Beckle as she attempts to revive her love and continue his lost work. Throughout the course of the event chain there will be a series of *Mini Events* as I have called them. These Mini Events will tie together the larger scale battles and showdowns which will occur during the course of the large scale events.

A Mini Event? Is that just a short event?
I'm afraid it isn't my friends. A mini event is an opportunity for us to get involved in some open roleplay. Remeber when we move to a new base? Remember the exciting RP we have for the first hour as we learn our new surroundings, get to work, and generally experience some of the best RP the guild can offer. This sort of RP fades away after a week and people even start to neglect events.
A mini event is essentially what I used to call a "Surprise Event" however it takes place while you are roleplaying. The mini event description in the calender will give only minor details such as the location of that days RP and the "time" at which the "Surprise Event" will take place. The idea of a mini event is that it encourages you to roleplay in our bases and strongholds, allowing you to develop your character as more then just a fighter.

So Geriand is there anything I can do to help you?
Actually there is! For this EEC we are going to fighting against a cult known as the Oxidus Apothecus, an exiled branch of the Apothecarium. They are far more organised and presentable than we are and because of this I even heard they are supplying their own guild tabards and they have a uniform! Seriously... they're exiles and they have the money for a uniform, disgusting is it not?
This uniform consists of...

Apothecary's Robe
Apothecary's Waistband
Guild Tabard

Eventually there will be an <Oxidus Apothecus> guild which will have it's own *Mini Events* to coinside with their evil acitivites as they work to ressurect their master from the beyond, and as soon as I have all of the admin sorted out such as which dates to use for events e.t.c.
As such <Oxidus Apothecus> is going to become a home for Apothecarium alts. I encourage people to use alts whom are already in the guild however I must warn you that there is a high danger of death. If you don't want to sacrifice your alt into the great beyond you can always create a new Forsaken character, level him to Tranquillien Revered Rep, and be content knowing that you have done your part for the EEC.

Geriand I'm still under level 60 I'm not going to be able to take part like in the fun parts of the Shadowsworn Dynasty am I?
Don't be silly my friend! I have been planning this for a good few days now and I can promise you there are very few, if any, areas we will be visiting that should pose a threat to you if you are above level 15. Infact the area I have planned for the finale contains mobs which are laughable *Insert lols here*

Geriand I hate Emote Fighting/Dueling why should I join your events when you are only going to use one of these?
Again my friend, you are being silly. I have also been working on an event combat system to assist us when battling other players and I have a feeling you're going to like it. In fact I'll give you it's name now, it's the Great Exciting Realistic Intuitive Amazing Never-beaten Damage-and-battle system!
With G.E.R.I.A.N.D.S you can be sure that your events won't leave you bored out of your mind or surrounded by stupid flags.

The rules with G.E.R.I.A.N.D.S are that when fighting enemy NPCs you follow a soft core RPvE style and use maybe a couple of weaker spells if you are more of a labrat, or perhaps go all out if you are a hardened veteran.

When fighting against a Player *Henchmen* we will first do battle through the use of emotes, this will be quick and stylish with the use of rolling dice similar to the method Bearach uses in his events, thanks go to him for the idea.
An independent judicator (A.K.A the Raid Leader) will take into account loads of silly little facts such as what attacks you are using, type advantages and the general combat experience of the individual. Based on this and the dice roll we will eventually leave ourselves with a victor in this RP conflict. Following victory against the player a short duel will take place using max rank skills and abilities from the winner, with minimal effort being put out by the loser (No jumping around or dragging it out we just had the fighting) and the loser will quickly fall to their death.

When fighting against a *Player Boss* the rules are very similar to the player Henchmen however there are likely going to be several *little duels* wherein the boss is knocked down a certain amount of health before the emote dueling continues until their defeat.
It is my hope I can attempt to create some of the excitement experienced in Dungeon bosses through my Player bosses with clever mechanics made availible using the very limited tools Blizzard has placed at my hands (AKA the Horde Auction House).

Geriand, I'm a bit of a nobody, will I have an important role in this EEC?
Of course you won't buddy! (Yes if you haven't guessed it I am deliberately being Canadian) In fact I have been planning specific events and showdowns which require you to be present! That's right! If you don't want your super best friends such as Kelmith and Leannan to die then you need to attend these events! If you don't and your friends become incapacitated then... they may never return, and you don't want that do you? ( Well... you actually might but let's pretend here that you don't Razz )

So Geriand, this has been a pretty fun read when can we get started?
Woah woah woah! Hold on there. I'm not rushing anything here and the most important task ahead of me is to talk to Dars and get the Green light. Right now I reckon I'm at an amber light so we eventually we should change (These are Brazilian traffic lights you see, they spend longer on Amber then any other colour) and once we do, we can begin the final preperations for the beginning of the EEC. You may have noticed a couple of mini events are already in the calender and they are there as teasers. Exciting pieces of excitement to get you riled and ready to do battle with <Oxidus Apothecus> and prove your worth to the Dark Lady.
Long gone are the silly events where we try and help other races, this time, we're fighting for ourselves!
Power to the Forsaken! Woo go team!

Geriand... you've missed stuff, would you like to put it in this space here?
Why yes I would, thank you mysterious question asker!

The events dates are currently being debated upon. However they will either be on Monday nights or Wednesday nights. This is because any other night I either have work or Mrs Gaygan has work due in the next day and I'll have likely left it until the last minute again. I am still deciding whether we will have 1 or 2 events a week but I feel I am drifting towards the one event with a one or two mini events to coincide with.

So I know a problem here is that people are going to get all angry and go "Grrr" and maybe even"Hey Geri, you're taking up the f***ing calender again with your f*** arse stupid events!"
That would be true with the 2 events a week formula, however if I go with my 1 event a week with a couple of mini events you cannot shout at me for trying to encourage Open RP! In fact if I put an Open RP event on the same day as your event, you can go to me "Hey Geri, you're a bit of a dick but I'll give you benefit of the doubt, could you move your event please?" I will of course comply, even if I move the event by only a couple of hours to fit perfectly with the end of yours and give people a sharp shock as they've just finished raiding Vykrul lairs and pillaging Scarley ships.

Finishing Words
If you've skipped to the bottom in the hope that you would find a simple conclusion, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. I'm not going to write one because I always leave something out and then people go "Geriand you never said this!" when actually I did, it was just surrounded with crappy and unnecessary jokes.
My final words to the brave people who have actually bothered to read it all are...


p.s Oh and please leave fun comments below <3
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"His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand Empty
PostSubject: Re: "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand   "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 1:22 am

Not to be a naysayer, but imma have to say nay there Geri. I can't see this working.

Everyone is going to focus on their main characters here, and running two long reaching events, over two seperate guilds? I can't see it happening.

Still, don't listen to me. If you can make it work, i'm sure lots of fun will be had and i'll help you out in any way you need me to.

It just seems too ambitious, y'know?

Good luck buddeh.
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"His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand Empty
PostSubject: Re: "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand   "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 1:25 am

It's not so much two guilds more that we need a supply of henchmen.
I plan to ask some friends from other guilds to help with this and the main reason for guilding them all together is to give them a unique tabard and not to clog up our guild with them. A lot of it in there is concept alone and it is subject to edits anyway, however I'm sure there will be some people who wouldn't mind playing a different character for a while and playing as a henchmen or a boss.
Everyone is going to read this and find a fault or an error or a bit which makes them go
"Oh dear... set sail for fail!"
However, I am not trying to run an a seperate guild here, instead create a "semi community". While you say people will be focusing on their main characters, I can always make sure that there is never a point in time when someone needs to be on both at once, if they are even needed as anything more than a random Player mob, and if in doubt, we can always leave that bit out and run with what we've got.
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"His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand Empty
PostSubject: Re: "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand   "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 3:45 pm

I actually love this idea, I think it's exciting, and me, being me and enthusiasm, I kinda jumped out of my chair and went "Whoo, great idea" cheers if need be for Geri, I can ask some of Al's friends to see if they want to play one of them.
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Tristan / Nakasu

Tristan / Nakasu

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"His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand Empty
PostSubject: Re: "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand   "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 5:30 pm

..I didn't get the idea, but, guess i'll work like a puppet..Pull my strings! Very Happy
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"His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand Empty
PostSubject: Re: "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand   "His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand I_icon_minitime

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"His Return" - The Latest Epic from Geriand
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