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 Your character's most important contacts

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PostSubject: Your character's most important contacts   Your character's most important contacts I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 4:42 pm

So, I am sure we wouldn't RP if we hadn't a few important RP contacts with other players' characters. I am also very curious to see how people's characters like other characters, so I decided to put up a topic like this.

The point here is to list some of your character's friends/enemies/relatives/whatever and describe their relationship with each other. Or just some characters that have offered you epic RP or funny moments, in the guild or outside the guild.


I shall start then,

-Kelmith: Of course, he's Claudine's top one protector and her "big brother", not biologically related though. In the beginning he saved Claudine, stopped by to see how she was doing every now and then and that's how they got close. Later on Kelmith offered Claudine a job in the Apothecarium (with no OOC chatter about it! Very Happy). She still thinks that Kelmith always knows the best, and naively does almost whatever he would ask and trusts him blindly. Now Kelmith's also teaching Claudine some combat skills.

-Bearach Blackaxe: Claudine's husband, always so grumpy to others but sweet to Claudine. Although their marriage was bit of a rushed decision, Claudine is determined to stay with him and she wants to be a good wife. After all, Bear is wealthy and kind to Claudine, which of course is important for a girl who comes from a poor farmer family. Bear has the tendency to lock Claudine up to read and study every now and then, and even fixed a little lab in their home for Claudine to practice in.

-Felucia Black: Cloudy considers Fellie as her teacher/tutor/thing, who she admires more than any other lady of the Apothecarium. It also appears that she has seen Felucia's nicer side, and obviously wants to avoid fights with her and stay on her good side. She is very honoured to work with Fellie, and obediently follows every order she gets from her.

-Gorgothor La'Vey: She hates him! She hates him damn much, but doesn't open her mouth about that. After all, Gorg's been picking on Claudine and using her as an subject against Kelmith. However, knowing that Gorgothor is her superior, she never dares to refuse his orders, not even when it comes to cleaning up his home.

-Shadeweaver "Matthew": A strange idiot, who has tried to threaten Claudine long before he joined the Apothecarium. Claudine has tried to forget about it, but doesn't show any trust towards him.

-Darsolenew Duskmantle: A superior, who is definately hard to please. Claudine usually gets very nervous around him, which always seems to annoy Duskmantle even more... but she does her best.

-Jaeni: A tauren friend of Claudine, a good one too. She saved Claudine from one of the mad Apothecaries in the first place before Kelmith came along.

-Neerashen: A geist who has tried to eat up Claudine for a few times. Not a nice experience for her, but probably the best non-playable race RP around.

-Teorius Darkcast: Okay, he just scares the crap out of Claudine with the barrel incident and using her as a flesh shield. And of course he's been a bit nasty towards her verbally, but it has all been fun for me to RP.

-Anthraxius: Claudine finds him somewhat father-like, kind and gentle man, and she naively trusts him. Especially after she took a bullet through her side and Anth was there to soothe and bandage her and taking her to rest.

-Rebekka Citreola: A scary little lady, who really knows how to keep things in order. She'd be the second idol for Claudine, when it comes to self respect and image of a strong woman. Claudine is, though, very afraid to approach her, for she doesn't feel too accepted. Bekka also keeps reminding Claudine of learning to take care of herself and to be less... like she is.

-Yuion: Claudine likes this fellow, he's been very helpful and kind towards her, which she gets to taste rarely as most tend to treat her as an invisible little dustball.


Now, go ahead >Very Happy diiirty secrets. And feel free to add more contacts or edit the old ones, if the opinions change...

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PostSubject: Re: Your character's most important contacts   Your character's most important contacts I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 11:41 pm

Awsum thread Smile

Kel's most important...

Claudine Blackaxe: To nobody's great surprise I suppose. The very first time Kelmith met her, he thought he was looking at his real sister, since they resemble one another very much. Claudine has frozen hell many times, because she can make Kelmith soft. She has changed Kel's view on things, has made him respect life again. Oh hell, never thought Kel would actually love someone after dying. Well, I guess Kelmith becoming so cruel was caused by the trauma ofr thinking of losing his sister. The one being who was so close to him. The good side of Kelmith is caring and protective. I guess Claudine awakened it.

Leannán Halliwell: Kel always respected her as superior. Since unlike other officers, she was tough but ALSO stable. Without Leannán, Kelmith wouldn't have gotten so high so quickly. Leannán has in time, become Kelmith's best friend in the Apothecarium.

Bearach Blackaxe: Of course the brother-in-law has effect on his unlife. Both sworn protectors of the same person. Kelmith thinks he's grumpy, but accepts him as superior, and that can't be seen often.

Darsolenew Duskmantle: Self-centered fool who can't lead properly. Sorry Dars, OOCly you're great.

Gorgothor La'Vey: Kelmith has made some enemies due time. This man had tried to kill his sister AND him. He hates Gorgothor more than any other colleague. He dreams of a day when he's powerful enough to kill Gorgothor.

Felucia Black: Former enemy. Due to Claudine's admiration on her, and hearing of her nicer side, he has started to take it easier on her. Kelmith doesn't like her, but he agrees to the fact, that she is irreplaceable for the organization.

Teorius Darkcast: Simply a friend of Kelmith's. Even though Kelmith knows he is insane and weird.

Matthew: A man who threatened him, his sister AND his organization. If he would get the permission, he would kill Matthew immediately, since he doesn't trust him one bit.

Zargath Ironfist: An orc mercenary who fought beside him in both Alterac and Ashenvale, during the time he was known as the Crimson Raven. They used to hate each other, but now they accompany and help each other every now and then, seeking to make better relations with each other.

Gracia Nichols/Isolde Sartina: Kelmith's real sister. The most important person he ever had.

Amili'dirie Sunreach: An elf friend, sometimes helping the Apothecarium. Kelmith noticed her lack of hatred towards the forsaken, and happened to get along well with the elf.

Elisa Watson: Kelmith's lover from life. Also the mother of Kelmith's daughter. Kelmith himself however is unaware of the matter.

Razieleth: Forsaken. Also a companion from his Crimson Raven times. Unlike Zargath, he judges neither the Crimson Raven or the "new" Kelmith. A kind of man who beats the crap out of people a lot, but doesn't have an obsession for it. Razieleth later befriended with a blood elf archer called Sakumi, who Kelmith got to know through Raz.

Geriand Lightsworn: How could I forget? His alter ego used to be Kel's worst enemy. Now Kelmith doesn't like Geriand much, due to his despise on the light and the Naaru. Although, he has to admit that he's got to be grateful to what he has done for Claudine for example.

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PostSubject: Re: Your character's most important contacts   Your character's most important contacts I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 18, 2010 11:37 pm

So, Teo then I guess, I aint much of a writer, so I appologize for the short text... Oh well, here it comes:

Grand Master Darsolenew Duskmantle: Teo really respect Duskmantle, and of all people in the guild, Teo only use titles to Darsolenew.

Kelmith: One of the few people Teo classify as friend, even trough they seem to get annoyed/angry on eachothers much, Teo do trust Kelmith.

Leannan Hanniwell: One more that Teo classify as a friend. And one of the few he respect.

Anthorius Krasov: Old friend and one of the few he fully trust.

Felucia Black: Teo did earlier tolarate her, but he would at present day not hesitate to annoy or eliminate her.

Gorgothor La'Vey: Teorius really hate Gorgothor, but on the same time hold some respect for him, Hey! Remember, Teo is mentaly unstable...

Rebekka Motacilla Citreola: Old officer that Teo trust, but her hash and angry personality Have done so that Teo like to annoy her a little at times. (The droping a potion in her head was a mistake! I didnt plan it!)

Bearach Blackaxe: Teo dont really like Blackaxe, but he got some respect for him. After damaging one of Bearach's shoulders (armor, that is) with a blacksmith hammer, Teo try to avoid Bearach.

An unnamed ghost skull: The unnamed ghost skull is the ghost of a skull that flies around and stalks Teo from time to time, Teo really is annoyed on it, but cant do anything, as it is a ghost, it does just go through his fist/sword.

Claudine Blackaxe: Teo Likes to be annoying, but Claudine gets so scared for noting (in Teo's eyes) that he tries to not be too evil. And he know he would else get an oblivion sphere in his face if he where... Violence solves most problems...

His own mad side: What to say? Teo hate his other side mostly, but lately, he sometimes actually thought of releasing him and go in to him inner world himself...

Geriand Lightsworn: A friend to Teo and one he really thrust. The fact that they are friends are a real paradox, the insane dark magic user and the wise holy priest dont really sound like allies...

That's all I can think of for now, time to sleep.

Last edited by Teorius on Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:47 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Forgot a name...)
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PostSubject: Re: Your character's most important contacts   Your character's most important contacts I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 18, 2010 11:46 pm

Great idea!

Felucia Black's contacts? Hmm...

Darsolenew Duskmantle- Felucia's idol and leader. She believes in almost everything he says, knowing the logic behind it, and she sees him as an exemplary, him being the only sane person. According to her.

Kelmith - Felucia's toy. She used to be playing around with his feelings in order to squeeze as much information out of him. However, then she throughoutly hated him, then he beated her up, and then, ehh... Well, Felucia trusts him, but not too much.

Claudine Ophelia Moo Blackaxe - Felucia's trainee and one of the only persons she trusts. Having passed on a major secret to her, she keeps her relatively close and would do what she could to prevent harm.
However, should she die, she ensures that the secret dies with her. She would be sad, of course, but would easily forget it.

Bearach Blackaxe - A true enemy of Felucia, her despising him for his ignorance and short temper. She'd be more than happy to use him as an experiment, but now that he's been promoted, she's treating him with the -slightest- of respect.

Rebekka Citreola - A perfect military woman in her inner eye, respecting her judgement and tactic skills.

Anothorius Krastov - Another one on the list of trusted people, Anthorius has acquired Felucia's respect through stunning combat skills and a brilliant, military mind.

Crepitas Black - Not actually knowing who he is, yet having a faint suspicion that he may be her brother that somehow survived her genocide in life. She's absolutely terrified of him, even though she haven't actually seen him yet.

Teorius Darkcast - Used to be Felucia's superior, now her deputy. She's taking advantage of this, be warned...

Gorgothor La'Vey - Despite his ruthlessness and stupidity, Felucia does actually admire La'Vey of his carelessness and magical skills.


That was it, I may add more...
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PostSubject: Re: Your character's most important contacts   Your character's most important contacts I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 19, 2010 6:15 pm

This is such a neat idea, Claudy! Unfortunately, Rebekka has few contacts - socialising has never been a part of her unlife. But here they are!

Amandah - A young Forsaken girl Rebekka takes care of out of pity (she doesn't have the ability to really care about her). She keeps the girl's existence a secret, fearing the other Forsaken would rip her limbs off to use as abomination parts, or even use her against Rebekka herself.

Anthorius Krastov - The most competent Head of Implantation Rebekka has ever served under, in her own opinion. She wishes he'd replaced Leannan Halliwell, instead of Morrte.

Bearch Blackaxe - Rebekka does not have warm feelings for anyone, but they're especially cold in Bearch's case. She detests his methods, thinking he lacks both discretion and proper judgement. She does not approve of his quick rise to the Apothecary rank, and dislikes his marriage to Claudine Blackaxe.

Claudine Blackaxe - One of very few people Rebekka has the ability to worry about - probably because she pities her. She has on several occasions told Claudine that she should learn how to take care of herself, instead of depending too much on Kelmith and Bearch, but so far her words seems to have no impact.

Darsolenew Duskmantle - The one, alongside Sylvanas, Rebekka respects the most. She's unquestionably loyal to him, and has the deepest trust in his abilities. She considers his safety to be her biggest responsibility, and has been his personal guard at many occasions.

Felucia Black -
She has a deep respect for Felucia's skills, and believes her to be the most competent of the Heads. Rebekka only trusts a few, and Felucia is one of them.

Kaldini Deathblade - The Deathguard Rebekka serves alongside with, and who has helped her out many times. She appreciates his hard work and dedication to his job.

Zanthier Beldane -
If anyone can be described as Rebekka's friend, then it is Zanthier Beldane. She does not know much about him, but finds him interesting, as he differs from the other people around her. She also thinks he's much more agreeable than the usual "disgusting barbarians" that makes up the Forsaken's numbers. Just as with Claudine and Amandah, Rebekka has the ability to worry about Zane, because of her own pity.
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PostSubject: Re: Your character's most important contacts   Your character's most important contacts I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 12:15 am

Thought of updating for Teo

Teo trust Kelmith and see him as a friend and ally, this is quite weird, as they try to kill each others once a week.

Teo see Rebekka as a friend, and as one of the most trust able apothecaries.

Yet a friend and ally, Teorius trust Leah, but haven't met her for some time.

Teo dont fully trust Bearach, but still sees him as a good officer. The reason for the distrust includes a threat and a blacksmiting hammer.

After noticing he potential with a test (including mad Teo and some attempts to kill her), Teorius started to trust Claudine, oh! And he like her peacebloom tea.

Not trustable, and dangerous in Teorius eyes. Even through this he saved her life twice... Mostly out of madness...

Still a good friend, Teorius trust Geriand, even if this still just seem insane due to their personalities.

Despicable, annoying and easy to hate. Teo don't really like La'Vey, but found him useful as officer due to that he likes mad ideas.

Desmond Hodges
If someone of the other apothecaries would attack Desmond, Teorius would try to stop them, Teo doesn't like kill stealers!

((All I could think of for now, and I aint gone, just been busy palying Assassins creed II, will be back online tomorrow.))
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PostSubject: Re: Your character's most important contacts   Your character's most important contacts I_icon_minitime

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Your character's most important contacts
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