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 Murder intentions... (a short story)

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Murder intentions... (a short story) Empty
PostSubject: Murder intentions... (a short story)   Murder intentions... (a short story) I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 3:28 am

(( written tired after midnight. Sorry Smile AND THE THOUGHTS ARE IC! ))

An outcast. Kelmith knew what meant to be one. This wasn't the first time. He was a legion outcast all the time, and he was marked traitor during the Shadowsworn case. Not only had his best friend double-crossed him and fancied his worst enemy, but now she wanted to arrest her for something that has been overlooked for long?

"Typical luck", Kelmith thought. He beat up a couple of people. Kelmith didn't understand how was this crime more serious than what La'Vey did. Wait, there's the answer. La'Vey... causing this all... propably screwing her in return. That little elf-whore. Accused him for murder attempts! The idiots stayed days in his room, and they lived. What fucking murder attempts?!

He tried to talk to Citreola before she attacked him. Doesn't Lea just believe that? Kel still kept to his story about Coilean... even though he knew it had a major flaw. The witnesses in Venomspite. It was stupid to think the plan would be fool-proof.

He needed to find Cloudy before them. Nurgimer's child should've made it easy. Kelmith decided to go humbly on his knees and tell the truth to her, hoping she'd be with him and Hetty. Kel was ordered to be under arrest, but he wasn't alone. Not at all.

Kelmith looked away from the parchment and faced the sleeping bag next to him. Hetty was still asleep. It'd be a pain waking her up, but time was of the essence. There was things to do in a little time. The more he'd stay an outcast, the less gentle his return would be.

"Shall I deliver the message to my daughter?" came a voice in demonic in his head.

"No Nurgimer", Kelmith replied in demonic, "I will find her and talk to her face to face."

"What if she abandonds you, master?" the voice asked.

"Then we'll take your daughter back and le-" Kelmith started, but suddenly realized what he had done. He had promised Cloudy's family at their grave. He had promised that he'd take care of Claudine if it's the last thing he did.

"Nurgiria stays with her. In case she needs any help possible." Kelmith replied. The voice disappeared.

Kelmith took a look back at the parchment, containing his "to-do" list. He threw it away, and looked at another one. He stabbed his arm with a stick, to take some of his rotten blood as paint. He looked at the list so far, chuckling in slight approvement...

To be killed... the Raven's checklist

Darsolenew Duskmantle
Gorgothor La'Vey
Felucia Black
Desmond Hodges
Tristan Rockriver
Porkar Deathchanter
Dathran somethingsomething
1000 gnomes
The Lich King
Varian Wrynn
Prophet Velen

The moderate level of names crossed made him happy. It meant that the rest were possibilities too. But now... this list needed a new name.

It was hard to write like this, but he did it well enough for himself to understand it in the future. He wrote:

Leannan Halliwell


(( comments pwease ))
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Murder intentions... (a short story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Murder intentions... (a short story)   Murder intentions... (a short story) I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 1:56 pm

( Wow, awesome :O Kel's mental! but I guess thats what is good about him ^^ ))
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Murder intentions... (a short story)
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