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 The Last Will and Testament of Darsolenew L. Du'Manté.

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The Last Will and Testament of Darsolenew L. Du'Manté. Empty
PostSubject: The Last Will and Testament of Darsolenew L. Du'Manté.   The Last Will and Testament of Darsolenew L. Du'Manté. I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2010 2:15 pm

Formed: 20th February, Hammerfall.
Written by Darsolenew L. Du'Manté under the supervision of Argent Guard Screlen.

- I bequeath my ancient scythe, which is currently in the possession of Gremkarc of Orgrimmar, to Rebekka Citreola, so that she may be the instrument of this final statement and carry out our work with honour and precision.

- I leave my precious helm, resting with my armour in Hammerfall, to Bearach Blackaxe, so that he may lead the Spine onwards into the bright future days of glory and success.

- I hand all my many research notes, stored in New Agamand, to Felucia Black. So that she may continue with the good work I began and may bury the work that has failed us. In particular I would urge her to strive to find a cure for our affliction, using my extensive research to assist her in deeds more valorous than my own.

- I entrust my beloved wand, Sha’laz, to Leannan Halliwell. May she strive to be the instrument of our people’s justice in my absence, working hard to battle onwards as the darkness closes. May it illuminate the hidden path of glory to its new owner.

- I pass my mantle to Gorgothor La’Vey, a most skilled Chemist, so that he may carry the responsibility of leadership firmly on his shoulders as he moves on with vision and conviction.

- I place my great warhorse, Theodite, stabled in the Undercity, in the care of Anthorius Krastov. May he pound onwards into the glorious unknown, serving loyally the Queen and her people as he served me.

- I give Edanna Ka’les my private library, at Vengeance Landing, a small bank of rare knowledge. I trust that this shall serve to satisfy her vast hunger for wisdom and work to answer the questions she longs to answer still.

- I bequeath my tabard, which I wore with great honour, to Morrte Soulrender, forever loyal. May he wear my colours, our colours, with pride and carry the memory of me on into the bright new dawn.

- I leave my personal laboratory equipment, an extensive array of useful apparatus, to Claudine Blackaxe. I wish her well in her studies as she continues to strive for excellence which I die certain she shall one day achieve.

- I entrust my Fel-Dagger, Kranax, which I used rarely during my time with him, to Kelmith. So that he may fight well for all that he believes with my silent memory by his side.

- I pass my beautiful windrider, Baltha, currently held at Venomspite, to Kelenar Bloodstar. I ask that he return the beast to its previous keeper in Orgrimmar, so that it may remain a free spirit under the service of the Horde and begin its time afresh.

- I hand my old armour, which I died first in as a Gilnean, to Geriand Lightsworn. It is held within the halls of Hearthglen, from where it may now be retrieved with care. May it rest as a memory that I once served the Light with all my beating heart and that, in death, I do not forget its faded glory.

- I give to Desmond Hodges the book: “The Baron the Grey Crag”. A single copy of which may be found deep in the storeroom of the Undercity. So that he may truly understand my lost life, and share the tale with those who would listen.

- All other possessions, including gold and personal wealth or estates, I leave to the Apothecarium. To be stored in the Royal Vault of the Undercity.

Further Statements:
The order of the Apothecarium should be altered considerably with my passing. It should be understood that my loss represents an ideal opportunity to change for further efficiency and success.

The rank of “Afflicter” is now to replace that of “Blight Stalker”, to form the lower-tier of the Implantation department and remove the mid-rank following that of “Skulk”, which should remain in place as usual.

The rank of “Cursed Surgeon” should be changed to that of “Chemist”. The rank “Dusk Seeker” should be amended as simply “Seeker”, both remain as the respective lower-tier positions of both the Research and Development and Testing department.

The rank of “Deathguard” should remain as the upper-tier of the Implantation department. The rank of “Blight Doctor” should replace that of “Master Chemist” in the Research and Development department, as the new upper-tier position. The rank of “Plaguebringer” should remain as previous.

A single leader of each department is now to be nominated as an expression of my final will:
Felucia Black is to serve a full term as “Master Chemist”, leader of the Research and Development department. The department should continue to work on a bio-bomb for the Venomspite offensive and work for great success in future tasks.
Kelmith is to serve a full term as “Chief Plaguebringer”, leader of the Testing department. The department should continue to develop a portable energy source under his noble tutelage and strive to serve the Queen in all their future endeavours.
Morrte Soulrender is to serve a full term as “Executor”, leader of the Implantation department. The department is responsible for the security of the Venomspite operation and should battle on to secure a supply line to Agmar’s Hammer.

The following shall be instated as my successors, forming a cumulative leadership:
Bearach Blackaxe as first Senior Apothecary and High Executor of the Apothecarium.
Leannan Halliwell as second Senior Apothecary and Delegate of the Queen for the Apothecarium.
Gorgothor La’Vey as third Senior Apothecary and Grand Apothecary of the Apothecarium.

All of these nominations are permanent unless removal becomes essential.
All of these amendments are to be enforced by Bearach Blackaxe, Leannan Halliwell and Gorgothor La’Vey. The amendments are to last until dissolved or edited by either of these.

Funeral Arrangement:
A short service led by Geriand Lightsworn may be held at the Sepulcher, followed by a procession down to the Greymane Wall where my ashes should be scattered. Bearach Blackaxe is entrusted with the keeping of these ashes until this time. All are permitted to attend the event.

Closing Statement:
It should now be declared that henceforth the Apothecarium is to work as openly as possible with the Horde and its many bodies. Cooperation shall lead to a future of unity and health, that is clear.

All that was done, was done for the Forsaken. My intent was to bring glory, not hatred, upon the Forsaken and the Apothecarium. If my attempt to do so failed it is a result of personal failings. But remember the good intention of the ‘evil’ deed.

I ask that my memory be preserved in the minds of those who knew me well. May they look kindly upon my deeds and think of the future, rather than dwell in a bitter, lost pass.

I ask that members of the Apothecarium accept any leadership that may well be forced upon them by the Horde with appropriate civility. I ask that our trial begins afresh at Venomspite. I ask that all they do be for the Queen and Her Perfect Will.

May the Bastard Prince fall. May the Forsaken rise to glory. May our work go on.

Glory to the Forsaken.

I call to witness this final declaration:
Sir Bearach Blackaxe.
Miss Felucia Black.

I declare Rebekka Citreola as the prime executor of this will.

Darsolenew L. Duskmantle.
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The Last Will and Testament of Darsolenew L. Du'Manté.
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