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 Rank Modifications! PLEASE READ!

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Rank Modifications! PLEASE READ! Empty
PostSubject: Rank Modifications! PLEASE READ!   Rank Modifications! PLEASE READ! I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2010 2:08 pm

Major Rank Modifications – 21st February.

What are these changes?
It should be noted to begin with that all members of the Guild may be more generally referred to as “Apothecaries” and therefore receive the title “Apothecary” upon entry.

Skulk – the rank remains the lowest level for newcomers, “n00bcakes” or inactive filth.

Afflicter – this rank has been severely altered and is now part of the Implantation department.
It forms the lowest tier of this department, changing its previous role as “the middle-rank”.
Seeker – this rank remains the same, the lower tier of the Testing department.
Chemist – the new name given to the lowest tier of the Research and Development department.

Deathguard– remains in place as the upper tier of the Implantation department.
The single leader of the department shall be known as “Executor”.*
Plaguebringer – remains in place as the upper tier of the Testing department.
The single leader of the department shall be known as “Chief Plaguebringer”.*
Blight Doctor – the new given to the upper tier of the Research and Development department.
The single leader of the department shall be known as “Master Chemist”.*

Senior Apothecary* – the 3 permanent leaders of the Apothecarium, beneath the High Delegate, who rule in the absence of the supreme leader as a council, along with the 3 leaders of the departments. Each leader shall select a suitable individual title.

Overseer – the rank currently used for Corporal D. Hodges, who serves as temporary leader of the Guild on the orders of the Queen and the Kor’Kron.

High Delegate – the new rank of the supreme leader, who’s name/character background is soon to be announced. She shall be the chief representative of the Queen. The High Delegate is responsible for the inspection of all Forsaken organisations to ensure they are working efficiently and legally.

“The Spine” – Shall therefore be used to refer specifically to the 3 Senior Apothecaries and the 3 department leaders, who form the leading council of the Guild.

*All indicated ranks are fixed. The Spine members will not be demoted for IC reasons, unless it becomes an absolute necessity. They may be changed on very rare occasions for clear OOC reasons, such as inactivity or a lack of input.

Changes were made last night; if you have been placed in the wrong department please indicate which department you wish to be moved to in your public note.

Finally, when the ranks were changed all those who had been offline for 1 month+ were removed, but the limit has now returned to 2 months inactivity before removal.

Why are these changes happening?
For a number of reasons...

1. By removing the “Afflicter” rank as an “in between” rank and moving people into departments at once, the idea is to have much, much, more of the Guild departmentalised. It will also allow new members to select their department far quicker than before. This should, finally, allow for some real sense of departmental roles within the Guild – supported by the individual aims listed for Venomspite RP (see forum post!).

2. Rather than reserving the departmental upper tiers for a few select members they shall now be open to far more members, but they will not have officer status or equivalent powers. Each department shall instead be led by one clear, permanent leader to streamline the Guilds hierarchy and create a leading “council” of just 6 officers.

3. These leadership ranks are now fixed to ensure that IC rivalry, or even OOC envy, does not tear the Guild apart. Unless it becomes absolutely clear that a member of the Spine must be removed from their rank they shall remain in place to ensure stability and quicken decision making.

Why are these changes happening now?

With the removal of Darsolenew Duskmantle from the IC leadership of the Guild it felt that this was the right time to make the necessary modifications. We are entering the second “era” of the Guild, we are now established in the RP community and it felt right that we recognise this by fixing a few internal inconsistencies.

What do these changes mean?

- Events can still be made by all those in the upper tier of the departments and above. While “the Spine” and the High Delegate are responsible for keeping the overall storyline consistent, those in the upper tier of the departments are strongly encourage to lead and create their own events!

- Eventually, if the Guild continues to grow and we reach the point where we have plenty of active members, we should be able to really get a sense of departmental identity. This may lead to department specific events or certain traditions kept within departments.

- Leadership, both ICly and OOCly, within the Guild should now be far more clear. The upper tier of the departments are no longer hallowed ranks. But “the Spine” is a far more specific group of officers who shall provide OOC direction and support for the Guild while I'm away.

That’s all for now,
Please post questions and comments!
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Rank Modifications! PLEASE READ!
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