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 Venomspite RP!

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Grand Master Duskmantle

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Venomspite RP! Empty
PostSubject: Venomspite RP!   Venomspite RP! I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 14, 2010 3:25 pm

So... Tonight we're moving on to Venomspite! AT LAST! And it's going to be harder than ever to get the 'lowbies' all the way up there, but... hopefully... funner than ever if you manage to!

I've always tried to encourage departments to run continuous "projects" but it's been quite difficult to get everyone to know the ultimate aim. But now... I think, perhaps a little optimistically, we can start really having long-term RP projects for each department and individual groups to work on.

Each department has therefore been given 2-3 component tasks which once completed enough times (it's all left rather open to intepretation) lead to the fulfilling of an ultimate "Aim". I -really- need officers to get off their comfortable Undercity couches and start getting all this going in Venomspite.

The idea is not that this should be "more work" but "more fun". I'm trying to knock away that awkward moment when you finally get a load of people up to Northrend... and then realise you didn't have anything planned... And these tasks ARE NOT for massive groups or big events, they can be done by 2 of you, or by 20 of you. But the main thing is: they are for fun!


Military tasks for those strong in battle:
- Skirmishes with;
The Scarletst @ New Hearthglen, The Scourge @ The Carrion Fields + The Alliance @ Wintergarde.
The forces here can be cut down as we attempt to secure Venomspite once again!
- Scout missions: Wyrmrest, Agmar's Hammer + Scarlet Point.
Attempt to find the safest route to these locations, avoid enemies and seek contact with allies along the way!
AIM: Secure a path to Agmar's Hammer.

Tasks for those "lab-rats" serving the Queen:
- Collect plant samples from the Emerald Dragonshrine.
The exotic flora of the area could prove incredibly useful in creating new concoctions!
- Collect products from souls on the Forgotten Shore.
The lost souls that wonder here are formed of many interesting components...
- Collect plagued flesh from Icemist Village.
In the distant west the Nerubian Spider-Lords plague the Taunka, and we shall learn from their work.
AIM: Create a bio-bomb to devastate New Hearthglen.

The tasks for those perfecting dark serums:
- Establish the reaction of the Wolvar to our concoctions.
The local wildlife is always a useful target when realising the effects of the Cold North on our weaponry.
- Examine molten samples at the Obsidian Dragonshrine.
Perhaps the power of the Drakes and Elementals in this shrine can be used to good effect?
- Assess the arcane potential of the Azure Dragonshrine.
Great power gathers in this place... can it be harnessed for us to use in safety?
AIM: Create a portable power supply.

There. ONE FINAL NOTE: These might make great ideas for events as well, and it's perfectly fine to use them as such - to be honest they're simply meant to very flexible RP suggestions!

...What do we think..?
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Grand Master Duskmantle

Posts : 108
Join date : 2009-08-20

Venomspite RP! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Venomspite RP!   Venomspite RP! I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 14, 2010 3:26 pm

Also: please note. These aims are shown on the in-game calendar as announcements on the 15th, it would be great if department leaders could make sure everyone knows their ultimate aim - it only takes a quick whisper and a friendly smile!
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Venomspite RP!
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