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 The Story Never Dies...

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PostSubject: The Story Never Dies...   The Story Never Dies... I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 13, 2010 2:29 pm

Hello! Here is my wonderful idea which was met with an apathetic sigh by the Guild last night.

I think it would be awesome if, following an event, the Event leader (preferably) or someone heavily involved who is a good enough writer (alternatively) publishes a little summary (with IC and OOC parts) of the Event in this thread!

This would allow us to have a catalogue of all we have done, and effectively commit our long and growing history to more than memory alone. Eventually it shall create a large story explaining the overarching narrative of the Guild's adventures!

Genius? Maybe. But I can hear a few people moaning about more work already.
Let me give you an example of exactly how 'little' the task would involve.

The Hallowed Ball!
Date: Friday 30th of October.
Location: Undercity, Rogue's Quarter.
Report from Duskmantle, filed on the Day of the Dead.

The Ball last night was a mighty success. We have gathered with friends, and some enemies who shall soon feel our pain, and spent the evening in casual merriment. Notable guests included Archbishop Wreaves, Admiral Leon and several members of the Sunfire Vanguard.

The Rogue Quarter was alive with a kind of energy which has not swept through these dark halls for decades. But soon we must return to work. This is all for now.


The Apothecarium welcomed a hundred noble visitors and more into the dank depths of their mighty city, to celebrate their freedom from He, the Lich King.

Drinks were shared by all, conversation by some, and dances by many. All in all it was a splendid evening which marked the advent of the Guild as a major RP force on the Sha'tar!


That might even be a little long, but you can see how we'd split up the in-character and the out-of-character section. Then each little report would sort of link together, following on from the last one, and eventually you'd have a coherent - if very brief - outline of the Guild's adventures.

Now... what do we all think?
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The Story Never Dies...
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