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 Darnam's Application.

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Darnam's Application. Empty
PostSubject: Darnam's Application.   Darnam's Application. I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 6:31 pm


hello to everyone who reads this.
My name is Markus,im from Finland, and my reasons to apply your guild is...well, i rather not to say before you decide.
Im almost 17 years, i have 2 80's, prot paladin (human), and protection warrior (orc)
I have been playing WoW since release of the Black temple, and im interested in WoW lore some, and i have experience in roleplaying from other games (such as SA-MP)

Darnam's Background:

Long ago, there was young Human noble, who lived like Human's usually do.. he worked in military, as guard, making sure that everything was under control, and respect to others was kept safe, One day, he got promoted into Guard captain,and gained beneficial's for it.. Later in that evening, Some dark figures, appeared in his house, as they wanted something from him.. something he have even today.. In the end, Darnam Shouted, and cursed the figures, as they dissappeared again, slyly as they had appeared... time passed, and Darnam was buried into ground... Few years later, something happened:
Darnam dig out of the ground, as an Undead Warrior,and he yielded over the was..odd situation to Darnam.. As he walked off the graveyard into his house, located somewhere in the northern Kingdoms, Darnam appeared to some old ruins, looking for something..something, that he had lost for few years.
Soon, He crawled on the ruins, and found this Strange-looking orb, glowing red, as it always had..
He tore out his eyes, and put orb into his right eyehole,and it began to channel with his body, making it.. ruined.
Long time passed, and then Darnam noticed some Undead at the road. Darnam watched them some time, and soon other of them asked: *How i can help you, breathren?*. Darnam told the Undead his story, and asked for place where he could find more about the time that he had wondered in the wilderness. Undead's nodded and told him go to Ruins of old Lordaeron, now called, Undecity. soon, he arrived to the undercity, he noticed something familiar in it..something so familiar..


IC: I have travelled long time, searching for something, but now i need to settle down.. When i met The Dark lady, she told me that Apothecarium may have need for my kind.
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Darnam's Application.
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