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 Anthraxius, Lordaeron Guard

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PostSubject: Anthraxius, Lordaeron Guard   Anthraxius, Lordaeron Guard I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 2:13 am

Anton Thracius was once a captain within the Lordaeron City Guard, known for multiple acts of strength and valor throughout his lengthy career. Even towards the end of his life, Anton, even at the advanced age of 65, was still more than capable of defeating men less than half his age.

Anton gave his life attempting to save the fleeing citizens of Lordaeron from the betrayal of Arthas, now risen as one of the scourge, it seemed the legacy of Anton Thracius would be forgotten.

After Sylvanas Windrunner broke the chains of the Lich King, Anton became one of the Forsaken and took the new name of Anthraxius.

After the Forsaken formed their alliance with the Horde, Anthraxius immediatley resumed doing what he remembered best, patrolling Lordaeron looking for ne'erdowells and delinquents. (He never found any, Lordaeron being a ruin and all)

It wasn't until he saw a mouldy old poster on a wall in the Undercity that Anthraxius decided to put his skills to use for the Apothecarium and lend his aid in advancing the goals of the Forsaken.
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Anthraxius, Lordaeron Guard
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