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 Once upon a time...

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Once upon a time... Empty
PostSubject: Once upon a time...   Once upon a time... I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2010 8:30 pm

We are in the Silverpine Forest, not far from Pyrewood Village.
A pathetic scavenger scurries through the charred remains of a once large house, probably belonging to a wealthy family now long gone.
He suddenly stops his rapid search upon discovering something of interest. A worn book.
The book is boldly inscribed with large, black letters.
"My Diary - Belonging to Felucia Lillie Vraenesha Black - Do not open!"
Upon opening the diary, the scavenger forgets everything about his search,
and begins to read.

Page one.
October fifth.

Dear Diary.
Today Suzané bought me a diary. I found this very strange, since she is always very cold to me.
Perhaps she was tired of my endless hunger for something to do.
Oh well.
It is actually quite nice having someone to talk to, for a change. I can hear my father downstairs.
I believe he's got company, most likely someone important.
He never lets me out of my room when he's got important company.
I'm not troublesome, am I?

~Felucia Lillie Vraenesha Black.

Page two.
June sixth.

Dear Diary.
Today was weird. Nathan bullied me. Why? I don't know. But it still hurts...
I thank Suzané for being such a great sister. She actually took care of me afterwards,
and made father tell Nathan off. I feel sorry for Nathan...
Oh well. Suzané really made my day.
I honestly don't know why she is suddenly this kind to me.

~Felucia Lillie Vraenesha Black.

The following many pages are all gone, most likely ripped out.

Page thirtyfour.
October twentyfirst.

Dear diary.
I hate my father. Today, at my birthday, he announced my marriage. -My- marriage.
Why would he does this to me? I am too young for a wedding... And I don't even know the groom!
This is so unfair. Suzané is thirteen years older than me, and she isn't married! Why me?!
Father told me that the wedding was in exactly one year, on my twelwth birthday.
I hate him so much. I hope marwolaeth takes him.

~Felucia Lillie Vraenesha Black.

The following pages seems to have suffered the same fate as the ones before.

Page fiftyeight.
December sixteenth.

Dear Diary.
Suzané was burried today. My father didn't attend. I think he travelled to the Capital City.
I was actually the only one at the funeral. That being, I burried her. I dressed her in her best dress.
I took good care of her. I even took some green water from the cemetery. It helps preserving her skin.
I also took the liberty of planting Mageroyal seeds at her grave. I really hope they will thrive.
Now I don't know what to do. Suzané was the only one that cared for me. And she was the only one I cared for.
My husband absolutely hates me. And my father beats me up whenever he sees me. So does Nathan. Danm them all.

~Felucia Storm.

Strangely, the next page seems to have skipped forward in time, as if the writter forgot to use the diary.

Page fiftynine.
March fourteenth.

Dear diary.
My father, Jeremy, is no longer alive.
I realise you're not about to ask me what has happened, so I will inform you.
I fled from my home when I was eighteen, in the year -12.
I have lived by myself ever since, in the Capital City, where I earned money in an inn called 'The Strong Boot'.
However, since I've also been wanting practise in magic, I've 'taken care' of the male customers.

Ever since I dwelved into the mysterious world of magic, I have always favored shadow magic. Unholy magic.

While writing this, I am sitting in the charred ruins of my former house. I had tied my brother and my father to
their beds, and then set the house alight. I can still smell the smoke...
I honestly hope him and Nathan suffered a painful death. They deserve it.

Now, I will return to the Capital City, and make use of the money I found.

~Felucia Lillie Vraenesha Black.

Again, the writer appears to have skipped ahead in time.

Page sixty.
Year 19, October twentyfirst.

Dear diary.
Today is my thirtyseventh birthday.
It was a relatively smooth day. I took my day off, leaving my studies and my job behind.
Despite the cold, the weather was pretty nice. Sunny and somewhat warm.
To my despair, I recieved no presents, no cards and no friendly greetings. I am starting to believe that
my friends are abandorning me. Danm them all.

I'm afraid I will not be talking to you anymore, Diary. I will burry you in the rubble of the ruins,
and leave you to rot there. I will be resuming my studies tommorow, and my trial is coming up.
Once I graduate, I will continue my training in the shadows,
hopefully attaining the title of shadowmancer soon enough.

Good bye, Diary. You've been my only friend since Suzané.

~Felucia L.V. Black.

The diary ends here.
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Once upon a time...
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