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 The Codex of Betrayal

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PostSubject: The Codex of Betrayal   The Codex of Betrayal I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2010 3:40 am

((I considered long if I should write anything to IC part of these boards. As I see it, no soul, however good RP-er, can avoid metagaming even a little. My characters schemes might work out longer only if nobody actually starts thinking he does actually scheme something. Now it is my greatest fear that people start searching for IC reasons to get to know something that would allow their characters to notice these schemes. It is impossible to avoid. Even now when you read these words, your senses will forever be slightly more tuned in my characters presence, to search clues of my schemes (if they interest you at all) or atleast not toreveal Shade just about anything anymore so he can't extend his schemes.
Alas, I am taking the risk and I hope nothing too drastical metagaming ensues. And my sense of drastical might consider rather insignificant things in your eyes... Well atleast I got my first post.))

The flashing blue light erupted from the test- tube, illuminating Shadeweaver’s face with an eerie azure glow. This was good news.
Shadeweaver wiggled the tube infront of his unblinking, glowing orbs he had in the place of his eyes, staring deeply to the tiny stone crumbles the container held inside with the catalyst liquid. Yes, very good news indeed. The stone fragments from Arathi had now been proven magical. Resonating with soft binding magic. A conclusion that the stones helped keeping this “Myzrael” entity bound, was now safe to be assumed.
Ofcourse, the magnitude of the spells woven to the standing stones was not great enough for the Shadeweaver to believe Myzrael was any worth of time. However, the stones and ways of how they bound the entity in the bowels of the earth and how they had done so for thousands of years, was worth of further investigation. If this effect could be amplified and applied to not so different but more challenging work, it could herald a significant progress.
Shadeweaver grinned, or rather his charred remains of his cheeks twisting to a horrid macabre of a grin that had once came so uninvitingly to his young lips. In other words, this heralded a significant progress for Duskmantle.
The Apothecarium concentrated on their ever so important plague. Shadeweaver had never been much of an alchemist. He was more at home with magical residues, items and the essence that bound the enchantments in objects, making their user ever more powerful. Dripping liquids, salves and mixtures were weak. They were temporary in their effects at best, wearing off from the users body in time, and needing to be replenished.
That is why Shadeweaver had no faith in this plague thing. The plague could always be cured. The Apothecarium was too sure of itself, too sure of it’s own superiority to even consider a risk of their plans to be exposed. After the Wrathgate the entire Horde was on their toes with the Forsaken. Kor’Kron had replaced the abomination guards with orcish warriors in every corner of the city. They had surely marked how boxes and equipment were shipped to Northrend. The orcs, however savage brutes they are, were not blind. And they surely could add one to one. The Horde’s healers, and certainly the Alliance healers could be preparing for the new plague right now.
The proof of the Apothecariums lack of respect for the outside powers was proven when Shadeweaver got in to it’s ranks with a personal invitation from their leader Duskmantle. Shadeweaver, been on the guild’s “Most Wanted” list, had but to reveal a few important findings. Instantly the doors to the Apothecarium’s work and resources were open to him. He chuckled, limping through the green mist that penetrated his small corner in New Agamand’s laboratory building.
Easy to convince Darsolenew about a good plan B. Then again, he might just want more power and used Shadeweaver as a convenient mean to achieve it.
Little did he, or anyone else know that Shadeweaver had other plans. Little did the entire organization know. They almost expected him to do nasty and unsavory things. He was held as such a bastard, just as Shadeweaver was planning, that they couldn’t see the forest from the trees and they just saw him skulking around. It was ordinary, Shadeweaver, the fool, could not pull out any meaningful scheme, impossible.
Shadeweaver rubbed his charred cheek. So had others thought long ago, to their own demise.
At that time Shadeweaver had done a crucial error. He had trust.
This time he was not trusting a single soul.
He would revealing only as much as he needed and would finish this alone.
And alone he would gather the fruits of his labour. Power greater than any plague.
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The Codex of Betrayal
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