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 [RP Event] Isiliosis and You!

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PostSubject: [RP Event] Isiliosis and You!   Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:33 pm

The Royal Apothecary Soceity
- A guide on how to cure Isiliosis and it's symptoms. For the afflicted and concerned

  1. Introduction
  2. Symptoms
  3. Reagents
  4. Cure

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Royal Apothecary Society's Official Guide on how to survive the lethal disease; Isiliosis.

In this leaflet, you will directed to the correct locations on Azeroth where the reagents necessary to formulate a cure can be found.

Please note, that the Apothecarium is NOT responsible for the disease.
Isiliosis is a natural sickness, inflicted by a rare virus that is found naturally in the wilds of Feralas. A lethal strain recently resurfaced in the Ruins of Isildien. Adventurer's are adviced to avoid the Ogre's in this region.

Please do also note, that this leaflet is used for the well-being of both undead and living individuals, but has not yet been tested on animals, Orcs included, and thus do not attempt to cure lower-species with the specified remedy. If you do, the Apothecarium does not hold any responsibilities for dead, mutated or exploded pets.

2. Symptoms

Not sure whether you or your relatives has caught Isiliosis? Worry no more!
On this page, you will learn whether your family is about to die or not! This will, hopefully, assist you in helping your loved ones!

Symptoms of Isiliosis, aswell the chances of experiencing them:

  • Death, 100% chance*
  • Fever, 100% chance

  • Joint aches, 100% chance
  • Coughing, 100% chance
  • Drowsiness, 95% chance
  • Dizziness, 95% chance

  • Vomitting, 90% chance
  • Immobilization, 60% chance
  • Interior hemorrhaging, 20% chance**
  • Mindlessness, 2% chance

* Will occur, if the disease is left un-treated.
** May only occur if individual has existing blood vessel problems.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is vital you contain yourself immediately! Avoid contact with other sentient beings, including Orcs, and physical activity should be neglected to avoid exhaustion. The extent to which individuals are affected by the disease appears to vary greatly. It is however vital that all treat the infection with the greatest severity. Expect the worse and seek assistance!

3. Reagents

In order to cure yourself, you must bring a senior member of "The Apothecarium" a variety of reagents.
These reagents will be found in specific locations on Azeroth.
The reagents must under all circumstances kept pristine, if the cure is to be found useful, and not deadly.


  • Bear Organ, the Plagued Bears of the Plaguelands
  • Ripped Wing Webbings, the Dragon Whelps of the Badlands
  • Sabertooth Fangs, the Frostsabers of Winterspring
  • Threshadon Ambergris, the Deep Sea Threshadon of Darkshore
  • Delicate Insect Wings, the Silithids of Silithus
  • Shed Lizard Skin, the Pterrordaxes of Un'goro Crater

One of each of the listed items is required to formulate the remedy. Note that it is likely the infected individual shall be too ill to travel to such regions. Given that containment is our aim, it is strongly advised that friends or relatives of the inflicted locate the ingredients instead.

NOTE: There is no other cure. The disease appears incredibly resistant to magical and holy energies.
Beware those attempting to sell alternative remedy's!
For further advice on this matter, contact on of The Apothecarium's many operatives.

4. Cure

Once the reagents has been delivered to a senior member of The Apothecarium, you will be required to wait for the brewing of your cure to complete. The Apothecarium is currently based in New Agamand and Vengeance Landing, but if necessary our agents can be recalled to the Undercity to collect the ingredients.
The process may take one to two days, depending on the workers availability.
Once the remedy is complete, you will be asked to leave before drinking the substances.
Note: The fluid has been scientifically proven gross, and may induce vomitting.

We, The Apothecarium, hope we have been of assistance.

Brand new RP event launched by the Apothecarium! The project should stretch over one or two weeks, depending on the number of people participating. We are strongly suggesting, that you roleplay this as you want, as we are not following a specific storyline, but is dependant on YOU.

The choice is entirely up to you, if you wish to join or not, but we are hoping for a large part of the server roleplayers to participate. You could be one of the infected, perhaps turning in death as you witness the very end, perhaps you are one of the desperate relatives frantically searching for the reagents necessary to form the cure. Or maybe you're cut-throat mercenary, offering the reagents at ridiculous prices to those left with no alternative!

If you choose to roleplay a infected person, you are free to choose the extent to which the disease effects you, but we are asking you not to make up your own symptoms.
Remember: We are under no circumstances asking you to kill your character, this is just a concept which you are free to "play around" with.

The reagents included in this leaflet are all actual World of Warcraft items, and can be found at the areas specified. They are fairly frequent grey drops, but given the locations they may take some time to aquire. We, as a guild, hope you will participate in this major event, and that you have fun!

Once you have collected the necessary reagents, present them to an Officer of "The Apothecarium", all members should be able to point you in the direction of one, who will then attempt to create the cure for you or your loved one!

Have any questions? Contact any member of the Apothecarium by whisper or mail!
It's a simple concept, an intentionally flexible concept, and a fun concept!
Let the epidemic disease begin!
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PostSubject: Re: [RP Event] Isiliosis and You!   Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:10 pm

Father Lightsworn's Journal
Day 1
I began my journey from the Undercity, I needed to finish in Shattrath to supply the ingredients to the Aldor Apothecaries however that would have to wait. Felucia is dying and as much as I hate to do this, if we don't save her the Research and Development department could fall apart...
I traveled east into the Western Plaguelands, a short way in I found a pack of Diseased Grizzly Bears. The Light gave me the strength to put them out of their misery and before long I had gathered a selection of their finest Bear Organs. Having completed my task in the Plaguelands I proceeded to head south, past Caer Darrow, and into the Hinterlands. From here I plan to keep a straight course south until I reach The Badlands.

Day 2
After I crossed through Hillsbrad, the Arathi Highlands and braved the Alliance controlled Wetlands and Loch Modan I arrived at the dusty and decrepit Badlands. This reagent has proven to be a much tougher task than before as the Dragon Whelps were almost impossible to find... however, I did eventually come across a small group of them to the east in an area known as Lethlor Ravine. I'm getting closer now, only four me ingredients to find, the Ripped Wing Webbings now in my collection and than I shall be able to help my friends and my people.

Day 4
Who knew the road could be so harsh? I refused to turn around and instead continued to travel south. The Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes were trivial obstacles compared to Blackrock Mountain in which I was attacked by scores of dark Orcs... I am lucky to be writing this right now. I am on my way to Stranglethorn Vale, I plan to pass through the Redridge Mountainsand Duskwood on my journey, these damned Alliance controlled territories are filled with guards. Anyone would think Varian is expecting an attack or something...

Day 6
I've just docked in Ratchet after taking a boat from Booty Bay, I plan to head north into Darkshore where it appears I will need to go fishing... the Threshadon Ambergris from the Deep Sea Threshadon will hopefully be an easy enough prey. From Darkshore I will proceed into Winterspring before returning to Orgrimmar and travelling south on the zeppelin to Thunderbluff. From there, I need to visit the areas which haven't been infected and find my final few ingredients...

*To be continued*

* This is an IC journal detailing a potential path you could take on your quest to gather reagents. I chose not to use any Flightpaths or Heathstones, and changed mounts at outposts to suit the race which inhabits it so as to represent the tiring of my mounts through the long journey. While it was slightly dull on my own, I see no reason why you could not take a friend and travel through the World of Azeroth together on this quest, the grey drops have a kind drop rate and you will spend the majority of the experience travelling. I'm sure with one or two others this could be a great way to roleplay the quest to cure your friend/lover/guildie/dog *

(( The realm forums are currently shitting on me so this has gone here until I can post it there : ))
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PostSubject: Re: [RP Event] Isiliosis and You!   Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:26 pm

Father Lightsworn’s Alchemic Journal – Day 24 of Isliosis
*A small collection of pamphlets are being passed around the Underbelly of the Horde and the Alliance. Those who lack friends and associates to assist them with the cure for Isiliosis have finally found a friendly helping hand to bring them back to full strength… this is unfortunately temporary for them… and me… I need to make sure that all of the leaflets which match the one enclosed below are destroyed…*


The Consortium Cure for the Illness Isiliosis.

CCII: A History
CCII is the latest product of Ethereal alchemic genius! By working closely with several contacts within the Apothecarium we have been able to bring to you this spectacular remedy for the current epidemic which is terrorising Azeroth and Outland.

Unlike the Apothecarium and their ignorance and failure to comply with the requirements of the people. The Consortium is offering the cure to all who require it for the simple sum of 0gold coins. That’s correct, the Consortium does not agree with charging the public for medicine and as such the taking of our cure will not require any effort from you apart from visiting Shattrath’s Lower City to collect your kit.

What’s in the kit?

Inside your CII kit you will find two syringes, preloaded with the cure, and a small vial of the miraculous antidote. While we could go into detail on how this spectacular cure operates we feel it would be easier to just tell you how to use it.

Step 1: Inject the needle labelled (Needle 1) into your bloodstream. For any Forsaken or Undead using this kit we assure you that if you can guess where your bloodstream was previously that will be good enough.

Step 2: Inject the needle labelled (Needle 2) inbetween your eyes, making sure not to pierce your brain.

Step 3: Orally ingest the vial labelled (CCII V1)

Fantastic! You should now feel as if the symptoms of Isiliosis are fading away!

The Consortium

Cure may not work on first usage, if you feel the symptoms of Isliosis return the Consortium will glady offer you a subsequent kit for the paltry sum of 15gold coins. While the need to take CCII three or more times is rare, we will happily assist you if your wallet is big enough.


*I have recently begun a purge of this CCII which is deadly upon consumption, below I have listed for the benefit of anyone who reads this case file the series of symptoms which will occur if CCII is consumed.*
CCII will initially make you feel as if you are fully cured however the effects of this are merely temporary. 72 hours after consumption your body will once again experience the symptoms of Isliosis however, more so, your memories will begin to fade apart from those that suggest you visit The Consortium for a cure.
Following 120 hours after consumption you will become violent, abrasive and worst of all a threat to everyone around you. Your desire to partake in the consumption of CCII will increase exponentially for every hour you do not perform the procedure detailed on the Ethereal document enclosed. While we have yet to see any victims of CCII die due to consumption yet we have seen many lose the will to live and proceed to end their lives through jumping from the Aldor Terrace…
We have attempted to cure many infected, with no luck… Even when Isiliosis has been cured from the individual they still possess cravings for CCII… the addiction seems to be incurable…
We currently have a volunteer who consumed CCII upon it’s initial release. Garlantu has clawed out his eyes and is begging us to give him another sample. Our recent studies are showing… horrific results. Taking CCII will result in your death, either due to Isiliosis or… madness…

In summary:
1- CCII relieves the symptoms of Isliosis for 72 hours
2- After 120 hours aggression will become prominent.
3- Following 14 days madness has been recognised with several cases committing suicide.
4- Taking the correct cure will not cure you of the symptoms of CCII, only those of Isliosis. You will still crave CCII even if cured of Isiliosis.
5- If CCII is taken again this internal clock is reset, it should be noted however that The Consortium are charging an exponential rate depending on how many doses you have taken. Somehow they can tell.
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PostSubject: Re: [RP Event] Isiliosis and You!   Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:19 pm


It seems like Isiliosis is winning the Argent Reserve award for the monthly best event!

Check it out!
I'm touched by the honour this may provide, as well as the gold that is send to me.
1250g is a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: [RP Event] Isiliosis and You!   Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:03 pm

You so deserve it, Vrae. The event has been amazing - I just wish more people would have taken part. They truly missed something special!
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PostSubject: Re: [RP Event] Isiliosis and You!   

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[RP Event] Isiliosis and You!
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