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 The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn

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The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn Empty
PostSubject: The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn   The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 03, 2010 5:05 pm

I've decided that Geriand's appearance has changed so much over his life, and unlife that we need a whole forum topic consisting of every single outfit he has worn.
As a disclaimer these are the Outfits he would have worn if WoW was like LOTRO and I could use a god damn roleplay outfitter and not have to farm all my gear!

The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn Gerian12 This is Geriand when he was Gregor Farrow, a farmer in Hearthglen. Unknown to him he was alive and well at the same time as his current "friend" in unlife Darsolenew Duskmantle.

The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn Gerian14
When the call to arms came and Hearthglen was attacked by the Socurge, Gregor fought bravely only to die just as Uther's reinforcements arrive.
Gregor died an unfortunate death behind a barn and as such they never found his body to burn it, alas he became a soldier of the Scourge Sad

The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn Gerian15He was but a mere Undead Soldier fighting in the Lich King's name yet the necromatic power which kept him alive began to enhance his natural latent talent. As the war went on Gregor found himself with a clearer mind and eventually broke free as Lady Sylvanas Windrunner called upon the free-willed undead at the point of the Lich King's passing.

The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn Gerian16
Gregor changed his named to Geriand upon his rebirth as one of the Forsaken. He felt it was more imposing and further chose to follow the path of the Shadow, he was introduced to it almost instantly upon his return and grew to become a respected initiate as he travelled across Azeroth. It was a year after his journey began that the Dark Portal reopened and Geriand responded to the call, his journey to enlightenment had begun.

The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn Gerian17
After battling through the Hellfire Peninsula and assisting the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh Geriand arrived at the Holy City of Shattrath. There he met a group of fellow priests who called themselves the Aldor. Despite the differences in their religion, beliefs and existance they accepted him, something that had never occured since the Forsaken took him in. Geriand became a soldier of the Naaru and fought the Burning Legion alongside the Aldor, his mission for the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow completely forgotten.

The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn Gerian18
At the time of the betrayal of Prince Kael'thas A'dal stared into Geriand. He saw the potential for the Light to flourish and grow within the fallen vessel. He took pity on Geriand, if only the poor child had arrived when he was alive... A'dal chose instead to "imbue" Geriand with a portion of the Light, enough to grant him the powers it wields while not enough to completely destroy his body. Instead, A'dal granted him garments of holy material which allowed him to channel the power of the Light. Geriand felt himself rip in two as the Light was bound to his soul and he became a true Champion of the Naaru, Father Geriand Lightsworn.
Geriand led a squadron of Aldor to the Isle of Quel'danas and was instrumental in holding back the waves of demons as a group of Shattered Sun Soldiers fought Kil'jaedan. With the war against the Legion entering a slow period, Geriand returned to the Aldor Terrace and begun to meditate on his future.

The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn Gerian19
Geriand did not return to Azeroth until the Wrathgate Incident. The Sha'tar felt that the Apothecarium was potentially growing out of control and sent Geriand as an undercover operative to spy upon his people. What they did not expect was for the influence of the Apothecaries to mess with Geriand's mind. Previously he was a virutous priest of almost unparalleled goodness, now he had begun to fall into their cesspit of madness.
Reacting to this the Aldor banished Geriand, forcing him to remain an Apothecary, this hit caused permanent mental scars into Geriand's mind which when influenced by the workings of a Shadow Ascendant known as Taniel created the entity known as Shadowsworn. No one is sure how he came to exist, some such as Shadowsworn himself, claim to be the Geriand before he was gifted the Light, however it has never been delivered as a clear fact. Only A'dal knows the truth.
The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn Shadow10
It was due to an unfortunate mistake by Darsolenew Duskmantle, assisting in this act by Leannan Halliwell and Crilly, that Father Lightsworn was banished into the Twisting Nether allowing Shadowsworn to possess complete control over his body. Shadowsworn performed a fake ritual with Duskmantle, pretending to swear loyalty eventually rising to the rank of Apothecary. Upon Duskmantle's absence Shadowsworn began to plot and scheme, he slowly manipulated and took control of the Apothecarium, with only a small number surviving his delicate methods. Standing strong with Leannan as his Dark Queen Shadowsworn soon found himself fighting to stay sane as Lightsworn returned from the Twisting Nether after being freed by Teorius Darkcast and Kelmith.
A series of confrontations took place until finally Darsolenew Duskmantle returned to inhibit Shadowsworn's march on Shattrath. Duskmantle used every bit of his knowledge and stole what he could from Shadowsworn allowing him to transform into a terrifying beast, with this new form he easily defeated the Shadow.

After being returned to his body, Father Geriand Lightsworn has proceeded to act as a go between for Shattrath and the Apothecarium. A'dal is forever watching through... he waits until the time comes when the Forsaken can no longer be trusted...
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The Wardrobe of Father Geriand Lightsworn
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