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 Tale of Zisoltapin

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PostSubject: Tale of Zisoltapin   Tale of Zisoltapin I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2009 11:14 pm

Zisoltapin, the start.
born the single son of a Priest Mother and Mage Father in Stormwind.
He was schooled in the arts of both healing and offensive magicks from his parents, and his personal Tutor Geoff, trained him in the ways of a hunter; animal bond-making, terrain and fiend tracking.
Unfortunatly, at age 12 whilst exploring Redridge Mountain with his family, his small group encountered a group of bandits. His mother used her skills to protect him in her shield. and his father channeled his magicks into an ice shield for him. Unfortunatly Geoff had no time to react as a section attacked from behind, and he was cut down mid calling his trusty hound companion. Needless to say, both Parents use in defensive magicks rather than offensive ensured his own survival, and their untimely death.
what followed over the next 8 months of his life was forgotten from truama and unspeakable shock. but his death memories followed him over.. poisened flesh.

the transformation
his memories of his scourge days are slim and fuzzy. he remembered the lust for flesh, the desire to corrupt and cause enemies to flee in fear.. but it was his skills in his first life that attracted Arthas to him. so the Lich King offered power.. a way to manipulate all three paths of his training and add his own touch of power to make him.. in short.. a God.
So began his training for the 4th and final time of his life.. his first tutor schooled him in the dark arts of summoning Demonic minions from the shadows, a skill he exelled at.. His Bonds with his Companions was uncanny.. like he was old friends with the ways of the pet binding.. - this was the first cause of his former memory returning..
His Second tutor trained him the arts of Personal Healing for his pet Familiars and Himself, the ability to transfer health and drain the life force of his prey.. needless to say, this stirred emotions of longing and admiration.. and a sense of a loved one.
His mind in turmoil from dreams and thoughts of a life he did or didnt have, his Third tutor decided to teach him the arts of power. he started with Shadow Magicks, which he mastered fluently, and upon the art of Fire, he realise why.
his fragmented memory fully returning. he realised why he was such an expert at skills foreign to him, and with them, he vowed to find the murderers of his family, and eventually his own.
slipping out of the Eastern Plaguelands in the middle of dark, his journey lead him past scourge encampment and deformed wildlife.. before finally stumbling into the Glades of Tirisfall and into the presence of the Lady Sylvanas.
Before he had time to fight or flee, she had entrapped him with her beauty, and thus, the banshee gave his life back to him. she warned him, "revenge will doom you; it will take you nowhere and lead you into hell!".. but he did what he did best. he slipped out of the sanctuary of the Undercity threw the dark rank tunnels of the Sewers... his life finally his again.. he roamed the lands of Tirisfal, before finally finding shelter from a group of Scarlet Scum, in the small town of Deathknell.. it was there that he decided his life is owed to the Banshee Queen, and his work is for her.. but he will always keep an ear and eye open till the day he can get his revenge.

and so his journey begins....
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Tale of Zisoltapin
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