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 Application for Celesth.. *Cheers*

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Application for Celesth.. *Cheers* Empty
PostSubject: Application for Celesth.. *Cheers*   Application for Celesth.. *Cheers* I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 02, 2010 9:03 pm

OOC part:

I'm a girl from Denmark, not sure whether that matters or not.. I basically wan't to join because I haven't ever really tried forsaken rp out, and it seems pretty nice to me.. This is also my first char on this server, I use to be on Defias Brotherhood where my main is a troll. And.. I heard about the guild on the forums.. I hope age doesn't matter, not because I see any problem in telling my age, but because that would probably reduce my chances of getting in..That's kinda it, I don't know what more to say.

Background: (No need to read, I just like writing. x3)

Standing behind a three, the red haired human motioned for the black wolf to attack the tiger they’ve been looking at for really long time. The wolf jumped towards the tiger with a roar, but to late; the tiger acted quickly and was already running with full speed further into the jungle. The humangirl jumped out of the bush after the wolf that was already following the tiger. Finnaly she was close enaugh to shoot it and she aimed towards the running tiger with her bow. The arrow hit the tiger in it’s head and it stopped running, collapsing on the ground. When the human reached the tigers corpse she’d kneel down, skinning it, and removed every valuable thing the tiger was carrying such as meat and bones, and put it in small bags. She did pat the black wolf on it’s head. Good job, Jack. Let’s go home. A small sound could be heard from behind her and she turned around peering into the threes. Nothing. She took a few steps closer, leaning her head a bit to the side. In the same second a troll slowly, but with big steps, was walking towards her. While starring frightened at the troll, unable to move her gaze fell on two bloody daggers, one in each hand of the troll. The troll spoke in zandali; So.. What do we have here? A little human fair, fair from home?.. She frowned at him, not understanding the different language. The troll laughed and jumped towards her with his two sharp blades infront of him, stabbing them into her. She attempted to block with her arms, the troll totally ignored it, and his blade wen't through her like if she was thin air. The troll looked at her corpse, judging whether to eat her or not. He came to the conclusion that eating human would be unhealty, so he cut her ears off, took a bunch of her red hair, and, 'just for fun', he stabbed his dagger into both of her eyes, and then left her.

(( So.. That was how she died.. I know like nothing about Undead lore.. I'll happily rewrite it, if this is an impossible way to die.. And now to the letter!..))

*The letter is pinned to the wall, next to the letter you guys set up*

Dear allies of Undercity

Your plans sounds interesting, even amazing to me.
As a skilled engineer, I seek to join your ranks.
Maybe we could arrange a meeting somewhere?
I don't know how your guys prefer to do those recruitment things.

For The Dark Lady!



((Yes, the letter is very short,I know.. Hope it's long enaugh though.))

She is blind IC, but she's a skilled engineer, like I mentioned, so she managed to make a pair of goggles, making her able to 'see', not as well as she did before she died, but she can see. I know humans can't be hunters.. (She's was a hunter before she died).. Because of that little eye-accident she dumbed the bow, and started training with swords, pushing herself to her limits. She's a warrior, ICly, and a deathknight OOCly.. She's wearing goggles, so you can't see her blue eyes at all. Now, I hope I get in.

Celesth, the eyeless.

(( I hope I did this the right way...))
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Application for Celesth.. *Cheers* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application for Celesth.. *Cheers*   Application for Celesth.. *Cheers* I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 03, 2010 2:37 pm

Seems good too me... I guess I tell an other foruming officer too look, four eyes are better than two.
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Application for Celesth.. *Cheers* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application for Celesth.. *Cheers*   Application for Celesth.. *Cheers* I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 27, 2015 3:50 am

are you a girl
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Application for Celesth.. *Cheers* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application for Celesth.. *Cheers*   Application for Celesth.. *Cheers* I_icon_minitime

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Application for Celesth.. *Cheers*
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