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 Private Detective Tristan Rockriver. (past)

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PostSubject: Private Detective Tristan Rockriver. (past)   Private Detective Tristan Rockriver. (past) I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 31, 2009 11:23 pm

Moon shined like a diamond in the sky above Stormwind, painting peacefull parts of Stormwinds with its light. But, those areas which didn't gain the moonlight were way different, these areas were little streets, inn's, taverns, cellars..And in these parts, murderings, assasinations, collusions, beatings and many other criminal activities were done. Stormwinds criminals, thieves and other mongrels were sissies, they never dared to act in daylight.

It didn't matter.

Tavern was filled with people. The dead lambs tavern was the most popular one in the Stormwind, and therefore, it had the largest collection of criminals, and their targets, ofcourse. Usually people sat in the main room and in the balconies, but, our story begins in private room.

The room was avarage big, it had some paintings on walls, a table in middle of it and two chairs. At the other side of the table, were the Defias criminals. Two of them were smugglers, but the one who was sitting, was a dealer, or somewhat. At the other side of the table, were one Stormwind royal guard, and one man dressed in a black robe and black hood.

''Do you have it?''
''Ofcourse i do. Do you have..?''
The black hooded man winked at the royal guard, the guard gave a pouch and layed it to table, revealing the gold coins inside it. The defias dealer then motioned to his smugglers, who rised a small reinforced iron box on the table. it had four locks. The dealer grapped for his gold coins, and the black hooded man grapped the box, pulling it to himself, after doing that, he winked at the goard, who took it.

''It was a pleasure meeting with you...Have fun'' said the defias dealer, then rising from the table and pulling his coat on himself. ''Too good for a mongrel for you, eh?'' said the hooded man and suddenly sended an arc of lightning from his hand towards the defias, the smugglers falled on the ground sparkling and burning from lightning, dying shortly after, but the hird still gasped for air and tried to make run for it. Just as the human was about to send another lightning arc, the door behind them crashed and was send over his guard, who fell over the hooded man with a loud crush. A grey suited man, with a grey hat and big revolver jumped in the room, quickly firing a round for the royal guards head before it managed to get up, locking the hooded man who was now cursing under the body. The grey suited man smirked and grapped the box from the ground, rising it up to his level and quickly blasting the locks to pieces with his revolver. He took the green vial from the box and placed it on his belt. The hooded man groaned as he saw it:

''Curse you Rockriver, you do not know what you've gotten yourself into! How does it feel to betray your own race for the mongrels of the horde?!'' ''You will pay!''

The grey suited man turned his gaze towards him, smirking.

'' No idea, maybe i should go for a psychic, who knows? Atleast with these moneys i get from this job, i'll be having many lessons...And hopefully, with a good looking elf.'' he laughed and kicked the humans head, leaving him under the body of the guard and the door, whilst he walked out. He pulled his jacket better over him and hided his revolver under his coat, walking out of the inn after chatting with few hookers..He wished he had time to visit a booty or two, but, job is job.


Durotar, few days after the event.


Tristan carefully placed the corpse of dead orc under the bushes, afterall, he didn't want other scout or hunter detect him whilst he was making his way to orgrimmar? He smirked, and undressed his jacket and hat, placing them to his back, after taking his other costume out from there. This costume contained a fully black clothing and armour, a hood, grey shoulderguards, black body armour, grey cape, black boots and gloves. Only an idiot would've dressed these gears on the cooking heat of Durotar. But, Tristan had been smart; He was only a few minutes walk away from the Gates of Orgrimmar. He grinned and pulled his hood more over his head and placing also the rag to cover his mouth, only leaving his eyes to be seen.

Tristan walked past the west gates of the orgrimmar, praise the light, that the customer had removed the guards guarding the gates for a short moment, to allow Tristan Sneak in. Orgrimmar grunts would have certainly checked him, even that he tried to act like a forsaken. He made his way to the drag, and managed to sneak past the guards with cunning, ofcourse, some of them had to be killed. No matter for him, he was a true professional. He climped up a tree and jumped to an opened window, sneaking in. An orc was waiting him there. This orc had a similar armour to orc raiders, but, it was black, and instead of big two handed sword or axe, he had two small daggers and a rifle tied on his back.

The orc gestured in friendly manner to tristan, Tristan nodded and pulled the box under his shirt, handing it towards the orc. The orc took the box, and kicked a box next to his legs to tristan, tristan stopped its sliding with his feet, smirking.

''Impressive, indeed. You're a professional. You do know, that it is not your business, how did the human get his hands on the new Forsaken plague, is not your business? It would be a shame, if you would be captured by those vile corpses, and then they would come after me, and this project would be undone.'' said the orc, peacefully, even that he had a grim grin on his face.

''I'm a professional.'' Said Tristan, without any emotions, and began to open his box. ''So am i.'' said the orc, Tristan was too slow to understand, how he had been cheated, as already a shattered energy corse exploded inside the box, as he opened it and spreading vile acid over his hand. tristan screamed in pain, and fell off from the window, hearing how the orc laughed madly upstairs. Tristan felt how he slammed on the ground, trying to catch his breath through the huge pain on his left arm, as he felt how it corrosed off from him, leaving him one armed.. He heared how the orc yelled for guards, and six guards ran towards Tristan, he pulled his revolver from his belt with left hand and fired rounds towards the grunts, three of them dropped dead after firings, but the other three managed to get on melee range of tristan, tristan slashed the first orc with his silent blade under his wrist, which cutted the throat open from the orc, he then rolled aside from the second orcs attack, as the axe was smashed next to him, he shot again, and saw as the orc dropped down dead, the last orc slammed roared and rised his axe to end tristan, tristan fired two rounds to its chest, just before it managed to swing its axe and it fell over Tristans legs. Tristan gasped for air and groaned in pain as he saw the same orc walking towards him, who had corrosed his arm just off with the acid. He rised his revolver, and aimed for the orc...He pulled the trigger, and the revolver letted out the sound of ''Click''.

''Six rounds, professional.'' said the orc, before smashing his fist to tristans face, knocking him out.


Dragonblight, month after the fight.


''Apothecary, i can ensure you, that this human was the one who stole a sample of your plague, and was about to ship it to humans ins Stormwind! This human, thanks to luck, somehow managed to get in contact with your plague, and you can see the results on his hand! Please, i have no connect to this plague, i pro-'' And the sound of throat being cut open echoed in air. The forsaken Deathstalker picked up the small box from the corpse of the orc, and motioned his comrades to search the bodies of other Kor'kron orcs...The deathstalker then turned his gaze towards Tristan, and his eyes twisted in evil he spoke in gutterspeak to one of his men. The underling nodded shortly after it and motioned his friends to get around tristan..each of them grapped from his limbs, even that Tristan tried to struggle, the iron grip of the forsakens holded him steady, as the leader of them, the jawless one grapped tristan by his neck, Tristan roared and screamed in pain, as he felt the forsaken cutting his jaw off from his head, and placing it after the cutting to his pocket, still..seeing how the human still breathed, he motioned to his friends, and one of them Quickly cutted Tristans throat open. The forsaken left the bodies to their places...

...And, you can guess what happened.

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Private Detective Tristan Rockriver. (past)
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