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 Reunion (a short story)

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Reunion (a short story) Empty
PostSubject: Reunion (a short story)   Reunion (a short story) I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 19, 2009 4:48 pm

So I found this quarter of an A4, and gave myself a challenge. I figured out a quick story and tried to have it fit on the paper. The backstory is about Tarren Mill Deathguard and certain apothecaries retreating from a Southshore raid during *insert time here*. A few random Dusk Seekers (not real player chars) are holding some prisoners they managed to get as test subjects. I'm begging for comments with puppydogeyes.

here we go...

"Make that bitch shut up!" Daniel shouted. Tony delivered a kick to the black-haired woman's stomach. The woman whimpered and started crying silently.

Conquering Southshore with these forces was a pipe-dream to begin with, but it accomplished something. Including lowering the human morale in Hillsbrad, and the gathering of a few test subjects. A few were too afraid to even do anything against the Dusk Seekers. Only the raven-haired woman in her half-forties was making noise. Crying and begging for mercy.
"Where's the boss?" Tony asked, clearly ready to open the woman's throat after 'defiling' her.
"Oh, we don't need the Chief Plaguebringer for EVERYTHING now do we?" Sam said with a knife in his hand, seeming eager to do the same which Tony was thinking of. Too eager.
"Well YOU do seem to. Thought jackasses like you would already have a babysitter." a voice came from nearby. There stood Kelmith, a bit less covered in blood than usual after a battle.
"Ah, come on! It's not that bad!" Sam exclaimed.
"That's my decision!" Kelmith shouted, "The humans are off for a pursuit soon. The Implantation is moving out. We gotta do it too. Take the subjects and ride outta here!"
"What about this problematic hag?" Tony asked holding the still crying and struggling woman.
"Try to deal with it! We-" Kelmith shouted, and suddenly glanced at the woman with a blank expression. The weeping woman looked back at him. The still fine-looking woman had fear in her eyes, but the fear was different from what most humans had when lookign at forsaken. Kelmith looked back at her with his colorless face, with a bare cheek, black eyes and four long scars going across the face. What the woman saw, was a monstrous looking man, but what Kelmith saw, was something quite different than most humans.
"Just go, I'll make her calm down." Kelmith said.
"Meaning that you're spending time together with her! You're cheating on both Halliwell AND Moore." Sam laughed. His laugh faded when he realized that he had a scalpel on his chest.
"What the hell?!" Sam screamed.
"The next one will hit the brain. Now shut the fuck up and go!" Kelmith said. he turned towards Daniel, "You make sure that no test-subject dies along the way."
"I will." Daniel said and nodded. "Everyone! We're off!" he shouted and pulled one of the prisoners on his horse. Sam and Tony did the same, and the other apothecaries around them departed too.

Kelmith reached his hand towards the woman.
"Please don't kill me!" she screamed.
"Shut up." Kelmith muttered.
"I- I don't think you're monsters! You're not scourge! YOU'RE PEOPLE!"
"SHUT THE HELL UP!" Kelmith shouted, "Shut up! And look at me!"
The woman was startled and she finally calmed down. She was shocked, and looking at Kelmith made it worse. The woman turned pale when she realized who she was looking at.
"K- Kev? Kevin? M- my baby!" the woman whimpered and nearly fainted. Kelmith supported her, and helped her sit, leaning on a nearby tree. Kelmith knew her name without asking. It was Beatrice Nichols, the woman Kelmith once knew as his mother. The shock seemed to fade from Beatrice's face. She seemed happy now.
"I've missed you, Kevie. Missed you so much." she said with tears in her eyes now. "Oh Kev, it's been horrible. Harris, he left me and..."
"I know, I met him and he told me everything." Kelmith said. Beatrice's smile faded.
"So... you know..?"
"Yes. Our slow aging wasn't a disease after all. I've even met my elf-mother. So nothing's in shade." Kelmith said, still so blankly, that his thoughts were impossible to read. But deep inside, Kelmith knew some sort of happiness.
"Oh. Well, what was she like?" Beatrice asked.
"Well, would have been a good mother, but so were you. And she's dead now, so she won't be a fitting surrogate mother. You know... totally dead."
Beatrice nodded.
"Where's Harris now?" she asked.
"Down under. Killed him myself." Kelmith replied.
"Hmh. Serves the pig right. At least he took Gracia with him. The girl was always so useless. Se wrote to me begging for help, when she was enslaved. All she's good for really."
Kelmith froze. His happiness faded. His mind filled with anger. All this time and wrongness and she still acted that way on her daughter, whom Kelmith still cared for. And she DARED to speak like that about her.
"Please, Kevin. There must be a way I can become one of you! You're on the winning side! And I just wanna survive!" Beatrice begged her son. Kelmith looked at her with despise, but suddenly grinned.
"Yes, mother. Follow me to the capital." he said with a very nasty grin...

(Wrote very small text on both sides of the sheet. Well, hoped you liked it. You should about know what happened when they got to UC Smile )
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Reunion (a short story)
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