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 The Eternal Void: The Shadow Dimension and Perspectives of Nature

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The Eternal Void: The Shadow Dimension and Perspectives of Nature Empty
PostSubject: The Eternal Void: The Shadow Dimension and Perspectives of Nature   The Eternal Void: The Shadow Dimension and Perspectives of Nature I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2009 7:00 pm

I am writing this while I currently reside within Anthorius' body. I apologise for using your limbs but I feel this needs to be written down before the final battle, I won't have my body back until then.

The Shadow Dimension as Shadowsworn calls it, is a land of perpetual darkness. I inhabited this land for a prolonged period of time, the darkness was ever consuming, I fought bravely against scores of demons and shadow creatures, only to find them tearing my mind assunder and pulling me ever closer to the brink of insanity.

I understand now why Shadowsworn is who he is. When he was first sent here it was not due to his evil, but due to the darkness which resided within his soul, darkness which had yet to be touched upon. A'dal told me not to mourn the spirit of my body but to merely pray he never returned. I realise the Naaru's words of wisdom are ever true.

Geriand Farrow (Previously Gregor Farrow) was a Forsaken to be proud of. He accomplised so much in his undeath it made his living existance seem pitiful. Undeath truly was the greatest thing to ever happen to him, possibly second only to being freed by Sylvanas. When he arrived in Shattrath a year ago... A'dal saw the priest within him. Of only Gregor had been to see the Naaru in his life, he would have been granted true happiness. Alas instead the corrupted and decaying Forsaken mind was banished, potentially by accident, and I resided within the body.

I kept his chosen name out of respect. I however chose a new, a better second name. One which represented my status as a Priest of the Light.

My stay in the Eternal Void was due to the actions of one Darsolenew Duskmantle. I do not know whether it was his intention to imprison me there, I believe it was not, however I cannot look past how quickly Shadowsworn, the bastard took my name and perverted it, rose within the ranks of the Apothecarium. Despite Duskmantle's mistakes then Apothecaries knew of Shadowsworn's treachary and did their best to hold him back... alas their efforts were for nothing at this time.

When Shadowsworn arrived on our plane he took a vow. He swore he wouldn't betray the Apothecarium. Unfortunately while this may have appeared to be enough for Duskmantle it was a poorly constructed vow. Shadowsworn currently performs his role for the "good of the Forsaken" when he claims his actions could help them to prospere, he means it. Shadowsworn has sworn to eternal selflessness and this is what drives his pursuit for power.

I know because I took a place within his body after he foolishly ventured into the Twisting Nether to battle an Eredar Prince... I hid myself within his body, my own state bruised and battered, I bade my time until I could return to the living plane and preach his destruction.

I didn't realise how much time has passed... I apologise again Anthorius for possessing you, however, I needed a source to communicate, I shall write more soon, please, look after this book for me.

~ Father Geriand Lightsworn, Priest of the Aldor and Hand of A'dal
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The Eternal Void: The Shadow Dimension and Perspectives of Nature
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