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 Tales of the Past

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Apothecary Raktokk

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PostSubject: Tales of the Past   Tales of the Past I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2009 7:58 pm

Welcome to Tales of the Past in here, you can post your character background in a specific topic. I shall start us off by Posting Raktokk's background... The Life he had before, How he became Undead and how he ended up in the Apothecarium.


Raktokk was born as Lord Eridion Ashwood the Third, heir to the Ashwood fortune and lands... Eridion was tutored in manners and etiquette from when he was young, to ensure he would become a fine nobleman. His parents however loved to travel, and often left young Eridion alone in the keep in the hands of the servants as they went to travel to distant lands. What they did'nt know however, that ever since young eridion read a book on Fel magic, he had developed a deep intrest for it however it was not untill he was of age 15 that he actually began to practice Fel Magic with the help of a Tutor, The Tutor taught him many things about Fel Magic, It's history, source and how to practice it... However Eridion was rash and wanted to learn more, faster however his tutor did not want to... Thinking he did not need him, Eridion sent him off with the guards, to be killed...

The assault.

It was a dark, stormy night and Eridion was practicing his Fel Magic in solitude... He had just began summoning a Felguard when the guards started yelling "It's the Scourge!" "They're attacking the keep!" Eridion was mad at the sudden interuption and simply yelled back "Hold them off!" as he continued his summoning, He hoped it would'nt take as long... However his inexperience and impatience caused the spell's duration to extend... Meanwhile the guards had succesfully fought off the first wave of scourge... However two of the guards were injured... Infected even although the gaurds did'nt realize it at the time, they were sent off to the medical quarters of the keep. The other guards were already fighting off the second wave, still succesfull although more guards fell, four to be exact. That was all the waves for the night and the Guards celebrated their... "Victory", a grand buffet was held and the entire keep was present. It was at that buffet, that the infected guards became full grown scourge, having the element of the surprise they killed four guardsmen, leaving them with only 5 more, the bakers and medics were fleeing in terror as eridion ordered his Felguard to attack, the Felguard... Not bound to Eridion's will as he thought, instead choose to strike at his "Master" Freeing himself and returning to the nether, Eridion was dead... The remaining guards were slaughtered by the scourge, who had now broken through the keep's gates, slaying everyone inside the keep and destroying it completly... The dead were ressurected as was Eridion, to be freed by Sylvanas later on.

After being freed by Sylvanas, Eridion, now given the nickname Raktokk pondered as to what his purpose in the world was. For a year he wandered azeroth, traveling and trying to find out about his past, in this he succeeded, he had regained the memory of his past and the night of his transformation and he once again felt an attraction for the Fel Magic, reassuming his studies in undeath, he chose to take it slowly this time, still he felt he had no real purpose, he loathed himself for the state he was in... Untill he met Darsolenew and became a part of the Apothecarium, he now has devoted his unlife to the aid of the Forsaken.

Right... That's the sort of thing that you miiiiight eventually some time post.
I hope everything is clear now!

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Tales of the Past
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