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 Teorius, Of Life and Unlife

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PostSubject: Teorius, Of Life and Unlife   Teorius, Of Life and Unlife I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 25, 2009 10:53 pm

I want just to tell I started on a longer tale about Teo's background, and I will use this thread to post the chapters when they get ready.
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PostSubject: Re: Teorius, Of Life and Unlife   Teorius, Of Life and Unlife I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 4:13 pm

(( here goes noting...))

I didn't know much of my past, in my unlife I had lost nearly all of it, and I never really cared to try to regain it, but after many years when I didn’t even try, I finally choose to seek down the path of my memories and my history. I am now going to tell you the tale of my life and unlife

Of Training and Teaching

I was born in southern Lordaeron, in Tarren mill. Back then Tarren mill was a small town surrounded by forest. It didn’t have much people in it, but it was a friendly and nice town.
At the age of seven I got send away, I had showed talent for magic and was sent to Dalaran, the city of mages, to get teach in the art of arcane magic. I followed with a little group of merchants, taking the road north. We wandered through the valleys, watching the great mountains towering up in the north. When we nearly reached the mountains, we took a new road west trough the forest.

After a long walk in the forest I asked our guide how long it was left. He was just to answer when a bear rushed out from the woods and knocked him down. The bear turned towards me and charged against me, without thinking, I did as I had seen mages done in the town and fired of magic energy.
I didn’t know how to control it and only managed to creating a flash, but it made the bear hesitate a little. Just it was to attack again a ball of fire came flying and burned down the bear. A man in a purple robe come walking towards you and said:
"You seek to reach Dalaran? I can guide you the last part to safety".
The group thanked the mage and followed him, I personally tried to stay behind the others, but the mage sometimes looked at me, giving me a feeling he though I was something weird. After some walking along the road we got in sight of the city, and that was an amazing sight, the tall towers that seemed to touch the sky, the floating crystals over the city, the great stone houses that looked as they was one single piece and not something built by stone and stone, and behind everything else, the violet citadel raised up in the sky above the city.

We walked to the gate and our mage guide only moved his hand once, making the gate open of it self. I looked around as we entered and the group started to got separate ways. I wasn’t told what to do when I got into the city, and I had never before been in a city. After standing still thinking for some time, if turned to our mage guide and said: "Excuse me sir, I was sent here to learn how to use magic, you know where I should go?"
The mage looked down on me with a smile and said:
"Yes, follow me"
He showed me trough the streets filled with people towards a big building. When the mage reached the doors to the house the guards saluted him and opened. The mage turned to me and said:
"come with me, I'll show you the way.”
We walked into the house to an office where the mage opened the door and motioned me to step it. I entered the room and Looked at an old man sitting on a chair.
"Who is this?" The old man asked. the mage told him I was a new trainee and the old man smiled and said: "Welcome to Dalaran, I am Archmage Tanelas, you must be tired" then he turned to my guide and said "Show him to his bed, and tell him the basics he need to know".
The mage nodded and showed me away trough the building into a room filled with beds. Each bed had a wardrobe on the side and a floating crystal emitting light. He showed me to a bed in the left corner of the room and said:
"As long you are an apprentice this will be your sleeping place, you got robes and useful reagents in your wardrobe, I will leave now, farewell."
I was only able to make out a low bye and then turned to what would be my spot, it wasn't much, but it was more than I had before, and I felt happy. I opened the wardrobe and found four robes, each of them was coloured in purple and was my size. I closed the wardrobe and turned to the bed, seeing a paper on it. I sat down on the bed and took the paper, on it I found the text:

Greetings apprentice, you are now in Dalaran, if you are hungry you can go to the western part of the house where food is served, tomorrow your studies will start, seek out Archmage Varinto at the great room tomorrow and your studies will start, remember to wear a robe.

I put the paper down and then hid it in the wardrobe. I stood up, took on one of my new robes and walked away towards the what I though was the west side of the house. I walked down the corridor and saw people walk past me, all wearing the purple robe, some using a matching hat or a tabard with they eye of the Kirin Tor on it. I took some food, ate, returned to my bed in the corner and felt asleep.

The next morning I woke up and left to the west side of the house for some breakfast. When I had eaten the food I found my way to the entrance hall and asked the guards where to find Archmage Varinto. A guard turned towards me and said:
"Go to the great room in the eastern side of the building, you cant miss it."
I started walk down the corridor to the eastern side of the building. I hadn’t been there before and it felt darker and older than the western side. The corridor was lighted by crystals that floated in the air up near the roof. On the walls I saw paintings of mages and banners in purple with the golden eye on. After I walked for some time I reached a big door and opened it, taking one step into the room. In front of me I saw a group of people in my age, all wearing the same sort of purple robe, and behind them I could see the mage that had guided me yesterday. Then I took a look on the room and was stunned by the sight.

The room was square shaped and it was 20 yards from wall to wall and six yards to the roof. The room was formed into four same sized squares, all with different sort of floor. One was a pool, but still perfectly square, one was covered in sand and looked a bit sandy, one was normal floor, and it was there the group stood, the last one was totally made out of crystal, as if one perfectly flat crystal had been placed there. In the air crystals and jewels where floating, glowing in different colours.
The mage turned to me and said:
"Ah, you found you way here, welcome, we are just going to start.”

The first day we was only introducing each other and going trough the schedule, but in the second day the real training started, making each day full of work.
In short time I learnt to know the others in my group and other people in Dalaran. I quickly learned to live in the city.
After around a month in the city I declined to go down to the sewers in the city. I waited until I got a free day and packed some equipment before I did go out in the city. Among the big amount of people walking on the roads I quickly was out of sight from the academy. After around 15 minutes I had reached the entrance to the sewers, or at least, the entrance to the sewers that was open, back then they where nearly always closed.
I slowly entered and walked down a stair, when I got down I waited for my eyes to get used to the dark tunnel. When my eyes got used, I started to walk into the tunnel. I slowly walked into the tunnel and looked around. The place where dark and wet, and smelled rotten meat. I walked on and reached a crossroad where I took off left. I continued walking and several times I though I heard sounds. Sometimes I though I heard the sound of steel meeting steel, sometimes i heard sounds of something moving behind me, but when I turned around it was noting there.

By now it was so dark I barely could see, but as I crossed a corner I could see a light around 50 yards away. I slowly walked towards it but after around 10 yards I heard something behind me, I turned around but there was noting I could see behind me, I turned back and once again heard the sound, but this time I ignored it. I reached the light source that proved to be a torch, burning in a ghostly white way. First now I notice how cold it been down here, and so I putted my hands over the torch to warm them up. I was just thinking of the torch and it's weird spot when I heard the sound again, I turned around and though I saw something lurking in behind a support beam.
"Who's there?" I said, and took a step towards the place. I heard the sound of something sharp rasping on the rocky floor and then a crocolisk leaped out, from the shadows, trying to kill me.
I quickly raised my hands and fired an arcane blast on it, sadly I was still not a real mage, and the crocolisk was only stopped shortly before it turned back, I walked back away from it and fumbled behind me for anything I could use for self defence.
My hand found something cold and small, I draw it in front of me as defence, and it showed out to be a steel pipe, probably an old part of the sewers. In Tarren mill my father had learnt me a little fetching and now I used the two handed grip I learnt to hold the steel pipe. The crocolisk attacked again and I smashed it in the head with the pipe, but it quickly recovered, and when it attacked again I managed to bash it again, and it gave me time to analyse the situation.
The crocolisk was around 4 yards long and it had a massive amount of protective scales, the odds wasn't really on my side. I highered my improvised weapon and smashed again, but the beast dodged and leaped for me. In the second before it was to kill me, a longsword flew into it's belly, smashing it away and killing it. A man did go to the crocolisk corpse and draw out the bloodied sword from the body of the beast, putting it on a chain hanging over his shoulder.

The man had several scars and was wearing a leather armour, he had black hair and black beard. Except the longsword he had several knifes and a hand axe. He turned to me and said:
"Impressive, I didn't know mages could fight." I looked on him and said:
"I am only an apprentice, sir, I learned a little sword fighting home in Tarren mill, but why are you here?" He looked at me and laughed.
"Why I am here? I live here, don't tell me that you never heard of us who live here?" I looked on him and asked:
"but why would anyone live in the sewers?" He took a deep breath and said:
"We are people that didn't success in this city, some of us showed out to have no talent in magic, some are traders and mercs that didn't found any work here or lost there money, and the last group is fighters, now to an other question, why are you here?" I answered fast that I only had wanted to look around in the sewers and hadn't known that there where beasts down here. The warrior laughed and said:
"well, we better get you up again".
He started to walk and I was just to follow when I got a though and asked: "Could you train me?"
He stopped and turned around "what?".
I once again asked, this time more specific:
"Could you train me in using swords? I want to learn self defence". He laughed and said " Sure I can do, if you got time for that, student." I nodded and asked where I could found him, and he gave me a map over the sewers, pointing out a tunnel.
"If you really want to learn to use a sword, and got the time, meet me here" We walked to the exit of the sewers and I left him, going back to the school.

From this day my training was intensive, magic studies most of the days, and when I was free I met with the warrior, who's name was Raklon, And trained in two and one handed swords. When I finally got to bed at the evenings I felt to sleep directly, just to wake up for an other day of training and studies.
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Teorius, Of Life and Unlife
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