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 OOC explanation.

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Apothecary Raktokk

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PostSubject: OOC explanation.   Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:13 pm

This is the Lab or the Apothecarium, whatever you want to call it.
In here you can roleplay for example brewing potions or other stuff.
A small IC Example might be in Order.

Raktokk glanced around the Apothecarium, nodding in aproval at the many apothecaries at work... He moved towards a free Alchemy Table and rumbled through his bag, Pulling out three vials. There is one vial with a blue substance, a vial with a Green Substance and a vial with a purple substance. Raktokk places all vials in the holder and starts heating them, looking around himself for capable apothecaries to help him brew his potion.

This for example could be used to Roleplay when you're questing or not WoWing at all, have no time to WoW but can place a post.

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OOC explanation.
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