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 Whispers in the dark

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PostSubject: Whispers in the dark   Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:07 am

A new poster adorned with 'Wanted' is put on the overfull board in ratchet.

''Wanted; The one known only as Skull, Dead.''

The reward and details are are great. many see him up close. though no one ever dares say aloud.

''Wanted for brainwashing multiple trade route guards to attack the thing they were guarding, costing alot of money to the good people of ratchet and beyond, the murder of 43 Goblins of the trade vessel the Dignity and for causing unmatched terror in the nights of our once quiet Ratchet.''

It is signed by none other than Gazlowe himself.

Some details include:

''A pair of red glowing eyes''
''A Skull a phantom skull!''
''A Shadow Ascendant''
''The shim of a great axe.''
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Whispers in the dark
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