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 Application: Yuion Frostrune: Reformed guid.

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Application: Yuion Frostrune: Reformed guid. Empty
PostSubject: Application: Yuion Frostrune: Reformed guid.   Application: Yuion Frostrune: Reformed guid. I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 04, 2010 11:15 pm

Hi, I've been playing World of Warcraft for say, two years now, Roleplaying most of the time.
I'd say I'm confident with the english language, Only Thirteen so I might mis-spell sometimes.
I have Experiance in the Apothecarium guild as a Deathguard and was there for alot of events.
I have alot of Experiance with Roleplay since I roleplay Horde, And Alliance. For the Alliance side roleplay I am currently in a Mercenary company on Steamwheedle cartel. On the Horde Side, I've roleplayed in the Apothecarium and Occasionally in Silvermoon.

If I were to join the Apothecarium, I would bring Ideas for Roleplay, and me being nice to everyone to the OOC Community.
If I were to Join the Reformed Apothecarium I would play it As much as I could, Meaning times after three in the afternoon and all day on weekends.
My Priority when Online would be to be nice, And roleplay with the Guild, or do roleplay tasks such as, Gathering Reagents.
I Wish to join the Apothecarium because its a well knowen roleplay guild and I enjoyed roleplaying and being in the guild itself before.

Character information:

Name: Yuion Frostrune

Gender: Male

Occupation: Serving the Forsaken.

Age: Fiftytwo.


Level: 70

In-game Class: Deathknight, Blood.

Roleplay as: Deathknight.

Hair-colour: White.

Eye-colour: Glowing blue (light blue)

Height: 6'6.

I think The Deathguard would suit Yuion well since he is a Soldier.

Yuion belives strongly that the Forsaken are superior to any other races of the horde, including the Sin'dorei.
He doesn't like the Orcs much, He's Civil towards them.. But inside wants to murder them all. He likes the trolls a little although would kill them in they got in his way. Yuion is kind to the Tauren and wouldn't kill them unless retaliating.

Yuion feels that what happened at the Wrathgate was a bump in the road, and looks past it continuing forward.

Yuion when alive was a Bloodknight, He was slain in Eastern Plaguelands.
Yuion, now re-animated walks Azeroth destroying the scourge. He always looked to the Forsaken for inspiration, so he join the Original Apothecarium and fought along side them willingly, ready to die in the name of a the Apothecarium. Fortunatly, he didn't die.. one he heard news of the Lich King's death he celebrated for a few days, Then went back to pick off the remaining scourge. Yuion has been out in Northrend So long that His hair has turned white from the snow. Now he seeks to re-join the Apothecarium with a renewed flame and will to help the forsaken.

Yuion wishes to Join the Apothecarium to fight along side the Forsaken being re-animated he feels like he is with his own kind with the Forsaken and in the apothecarium from The first time he joined.

Yuion could bring Quick tatics, close quarters combat skills and the will to do anything for the Apothecarium.

How Yuion responds to authority: The authority of the Forsaken, he will co-operate and comply with, without anys resistance..

Sin'dorei authority: He dis-likes them, And would resist them all he could.

Orcs, trolls and Tauren: He would fight back, apart from the Taurens since he has many Tauren friends. He also had respect to Tauren.

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Application: Yuion Frostrune: Reformed guid.
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