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 The Royal Deathguards

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PostSubject: The Royal Deathguards   The Royal Deathguards I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 14, 2010 4:30 pm

For those of us who have spent time in Implantation, we know how fun military Rp can be if done right.

A wise man (Anthorius) said, that the Implantation Department could actually function as a seperate guild if given the chance.

Now, as this break comes, some of us who are clinging to the "old ways" are not wanting to leave the guild scared our char's Rp story will change too much.

The reasons above are just some of the many that convinced me into starting "The Royal Deathguards"...

A poster on the entrance to the Royal Quarters reads:

The Queen is in need of more willing Forsaken to join the cause of protecting our homelands, as well as keeping a close eye on our enemies. There is much work to be done. We are in need of mainly skilled fighters, both in arms and with the forces of magic. Raport to Lady Halliwell of the Deathguard Department to sign up and serve your queen!

I know, it might look a bit poor, but i just had to throw something together.

Now, the main line here is: This guild will keep alive some of our old traditions, and especially a ranking system with officers, leaders and so forth. When the guild is re-made in July, my goal is to "melt" this guild in with The Apothecarium, boasting the Apothecarium with members allready familiar to some of the Rp that went down in our time. There won't be the same ranking system as I am thinking of including the many fine ideas found elsewhere on the forums, and the guild answers "directly" to Sylvanas and The Royal Quarter to a larger extent then perhaps the Apothecarium did at times.

Our main focus is:

-Raids in Alliance Lands
-Focus on protection Forsaken Lands (Also new-gained territories in Nrend)
-Developing Rp, letting your char grow
-Skill building, focusing on certen skills within the military system (such as Archery and so on)

I am still in need of sign-ups, but i would mainly like the guild's leadership at first to consist of YOU! Help keep some of the Apothecarium alive, join THE ROYAL DEATHGUARDS!

The Royal Deathguards Wowscr15
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PostSubject: Re: The Royal Deathguards   The Royal Deathguards I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 11:33 pm

Best of luck, Lea! I'll definitely have a look at this.

Oh, also, on the tabard:
The Royal Deathguards Bingol10

Don't worry, we love you anyway <3
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The Royal Deathguards
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