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 Kelmith, the monster born in Andorhal.

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Kelmith, the monster born in Andorhal. Empty
PostSubject: Kelmith, the monster born in Andorhal.   Kelmith, the monster born in Andorhal. I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 4:45 pm

Harris Nichols and his wife Beatrice were wealthy and had lived a good life. After a year of marriage they got their first child. His name was Kevin. A year later they had a daughter named Gracie. Harris and Beatrice were proud of their son, but saw Gracie as some kind of failure and treated her as such. The only one who really cared about her was her big brother Kevin. The two of them had a hard separation when Kevin had to go to Stratholme on studying purposes on the age of 14 (looked 8-9 years old due to having an elf mother he didn't know about. Harris had stolen the children from a former lover). He was to become a priest. A sworn servant of the light. It was only six years later when the undead scourge came to Lordaeron. Kevin didn't even get the word of Andorhal's fall before Mal'Ganis attacked Stratholme. The tall boy had the height of an adult, but the age of a young boy when his fate struck at him. The demon found the boy before prince Arthas and he became another slave in the ranks of the scourge.

Later on however, at the time of the coup, Kevin was on the side to rebel against the newfound King Arthas on the side of Sylvanas Windrunner. When his mind woke up once more, his rather wide knowledge of darkness was soon turned to power. Learning demonology on the way, he was soon a warlock. He left his original name behind him and created a new one. While reading a book, his eyes were nailed on an eredun word "Kele'Mithe." Without a straight or accurate translation, it was close to "Dark Angel or "Unholy Angel" or something. Following the way of pronouncing the word, Kevin Nichols renamed himseld Kelmith.

After six years as Tirisfal had been territory of the forsaken for quite the time, Kelmith met his father once more. It was all at random when spending time in Booty Bay. His dad, still a living human came to him terribly drunk. The man didn't even recognize his son, but Kelmith mentioned nothing. He only felt anger knowing his dad was still alive. Kelmith still hadn't forgiven the way he acted towards Gracie in the past. The warlock was enlightened to hear that also Gracie had escapen the scourge to the dwarven kingdom of Khaz Modan and then found their way to the rebuilt Stormwind city. The drunken man spoke about stealing two children from his former lover in Quel'Thalas, and also about selling his useless daughter as a slave to a lewd landlord. The thought of her sister constantly satisfying physical needs of an old pervert turned a part of his own self back to Kelmith. He pierced his father's heart with a long dagger and gave his last words for the man he now hated the most:

"Thanks for telling me... dad..."

Kelmith escaped Booty Bay before getting arrested and traveled to the place his sister was being held. He broke down the doors of the manor and killed everyone he saw, except for Gracie who had grown to be a beautiful young woman, despite being abused and recently beaten unconcious. Kelmith carried her near the gates of stormwind and left her with a pouch of gold. A patrolling guard soon found her and took her to safety. Kelmith didn't want to show his dead face to the only person he cared about and left.

By saving his sister Kelmith decreased his insanity because of the joy he gained, but also gained a great weakness. Up to this point however, his loyalty to the dark lady is nearly unrivaled...
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Kelmith, the monster born in Andorhal.
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