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 -VERY IMPORTANT-: The Holiday.

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-VERY IMPORTANT-: The Holiday. Empty
PostSubject: -VERY IMPORTANT-: The Holiday.   -VERY IMPORTANT-: The Holiday. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 11:40 pm

-VERY IMPORTANT-: The Holiday.
I make no apology for the length. I beg you to read on with an open and attentive mind.

I returned to the Guild yesterday evening, Friday 12th, excited to see you all again. I was not disappointed by the reception. It was amiable and there were a few people online at a fairly successful event. But: I was granted an enduring impression, one which had been forming in my mind since the Isiliosis storyline, the Guild – in short – seems a little... tired.

Tired. This is the right word. It describes the situation perfectly.

I can understand why it is so very difficult to keep on going when you have to constantly “look forward” to the fleeting return of a, quite controlling, Guild Master. It can’t be the most rewarding job at times, slogging onwards with some officers striving to create fun RP while others rest quietly in the shadows.

Of late the situation has worsened slightly, not fatally, but noticeably. We have had some jewels’ amongst such closing shadow, I have heard of some very successful events, these epic forums have flourished and Darsolenew’s farewell showcased the finest (and funnest) RP we have yet produced.

But the observant amongst you must agree with me when I say: “things fall apart”. We are drifting.
Originally the Guild was a fervant hive of "evil-RP" which formed a powerful storyline overshadowing ego's, providing endless amusement and forging friendships. This founding spirit is ailing.

Here is what could happen:
We could go on as alway's. I would be absent. Only this time I am lumbered with summer examinations and intense revision, meaning I would appear -very- occasionally for a few scattered moments from early April to July. Members like YOU would drift.

The trend of tired moaning would continue, events would become less popular. And eventually – shockingly – I can easily imagine, without my (excuse the arrogance) input regarding the planning of new campaigns, the Guild would gradually slide into obscurity.

-You- might well leave. I would return, come July, to a Guild reputation now faded and stained by the stragglers who cling to memories now months past.

Enough doom and gloom. Enough of the epic monologue. You understand the point: I have thought about this long and hard, believe me (college gives you time to think about such things), if I am slowly tiring of the Guild, if I can admit that it shall not be my focus for some time, if I can predict its disbanding, then I suspect many of you have occasionally had similar moments of doubt.

To avoid such a crisis: where the Guild slips away and we end on a painfully “low note”. I have a, perhaps radical but most certainly straightforward, proposal.

We take a break.

I propose that on Sunday 11th of April – we officially “close the Guild for active-RP”. That is not to say we “disband” it. I shall keep my characters in the Guild as placeholders. But I would effectively remove lower ranking/inactive members, and I would encourage you all to leave with yours.

No RP events would be hosted and members would be urged to leave to enjoy themselves independently for some time. Take a break, enjoy a bit of free RP, relax in the undiscovered “real-world”, and hopefully avoid finding a new home!

Then Sunday 11th of July – or sometime around then – we officially “reopen the Guild”. Those leading officers, who I have been speaking to, still willing to forge a fresh start would work with me to renew our RP initiative by recruiting new members and some of the older faces as well.

The new High Delegate shall be introduced; we shall begin a fresh recruitment campaign. We will have spent the time discussing the new internal workings of the Guild. Ranks may need to be changed, responsibilities delegated in a more clear fashion, communication improved, rules/purposes outlined better. Overall this is a proposed “fresh start”.

I would hope that a few of you would rejoin on this occasion. But I am not naive enough to believe you would all remain “loyal” during the break. I am willing to accept this.

With the fresh start set up, with Cataclysm incoming and the war with the Worgen on its way. With a fresh new focus, with Goblin’s ready to join our ranks, with a more coordinated and structured recruitment campaign and with some of you “lazy members” who simply weren’t interested now gone... We’d begin anew.

After my long exam induced break from April through to July, I’d now be online – on and off (but quite frequently) – for 2 months. This would give us plenty of time to expand our new ranks, create a new RP storyline and generally re-establish ourselves in the community.

As for the IC proposal for the break up, a simple 1-off event: “ATONEMENT”.

“Following Isiliosis and the disaster of the Wrathgate, the Queen has now been considering the reformation of the Royal Apothecary Society for some time. Now, at last, she has called for the postponement of all the Apothecarium’s work for some time. She shall search for a “High Delegate”, who shall eventually lead to the reestablishment of the order, once time has cleansed the name of the organisation.

As a final act of atonement, the Apothecarium shall hold a grand ceremony at the Wrathgate, Sunday 11th of April: 19:00. Stories of the war in the North shall be shared, prayers shall be said for those lost, all who have fought the Scourge shall be called to gather and reflect on the bloody campaign. The Apothecarium shall, at last, officially apologize for its evil children. With this final extension of friendship, the organisation shall temporarily cease operations in the North. Until the High Delegate mobilises forces to reclaim the Plagueland’s at a later date.”

That’s the general theme. Just a nice, calm, quiet gathering to round things off. As a stark contrast to the last 9 months of frantic PvE and PvP oriented RP.

Finally, I foresaw two clear problems with this proposal of mind:

Now. That is all I have to say. I know some of you may be shocked, some of you may be relieved.

We need to be realistic about this. And just quitting the Guild because you think this all means “OMG WE R DISBANDING!!!1!!!” would annoy me hugely. The planned date for the break remains the 11th of April. That's just under a month way. PLEASE let us end on a high. Get active and get involved in the final event chain.

Just –please- avoid creating mass panic, since that would be a horrible way to say a temporary farewell!

That is all for now. Please read carefully and respond succinctly as soon as you can.

- The Guild is not what it once was, it is in danger of imploding with my long absence over the summer.
- In response the Guild shall "disband" for a 3 month break on the 11th of April.
- The Guild shall be reformed by a core of officers on 11th of July, all those interested may apply once more.
- A final set of events, coordinated by Geriand, shall form the concluding action of the RP.
- I urge you to be mature and rational in your responses. Let us end on a high note, for now.

It is a shame that, since my visits are so fleeting, I will not have the chance to discuss this with each of you personally. I really do apologize that I had to break this grave news over our forums, believe me: I'd have much prefered to speak to each of you alone about it. But I simply can't, and I didn't want damaging rumours spreading hysteria through the Guild.

If you have any questions/comments:
- Post them in this thread!
- Speak to an officer, most of whom know about the situation.
- Speak to me using the message system on these forums!

As a final word... I would rather end it all now, for a time, with good memories fresh in my mind, than have this brilliance slide into obscurity forever in my absence.

Love and muffins, the eternal Darsy.
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-VERY IMPORTANT-: The Holiday.
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