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 Ciceró, The Man Behind the Bones

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PostSubject: Ciceró, The Man Behind the Bones   Ciceró, The Man Behind the Bones I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 2:26 am

((Just a little into to my character, as I’m new to the guild, it’s not the best. Very basic and briefly outlining my characters past.))

Greetings, I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself, as one of the newest members into the Apothecary -a great honour I might add- and hopefully, we will achieve our ultimate goals. But first, my name is Ciceró, Marcus Tullius Ciceró -please, just call me Ciceró- I was born and raised in Lordaeron by my loving mother and father. My father was a respected lawyer, but away from the public’s eyes he dabbled in the art of demonology and was a renowned warlock amongst their circles. I was following his path, but refused to take up the change as a warlock, all I wanted was to live a honest life –looking back, I can see how naive I was- being a lawyer, and raise a family on my own.

But, alas it was not meant to be. The plague came and took my family down in one dreadful strike. I was able to escape the damned princes grasp because of our Lady Sylvanas. My family however, did not... they became the mindless scourge, unable to resist Arthas’ biding. I was forced to take up my father’s staff and put them out of their misery, I would rather my family be dead then slaves to that traitor!

From then on, it became a blur, I wondered aimlessly, trapped by my grief and despair, haunted by the fate of my family, my friends, my life... I was found by professor Molon, of the Undercity –sadly, no longer with us- and he took me in, and treated me like a son. He nurtured my natural talent as a warlock and trained me in the art of alchemy –although, it is only very basic- it is from Molon that I found a new purpose, a new cause in my life to put life on my bones anew, my sole purpose to cure all Forsaken of undeath, so we may feel the sun on our faces, the breeze through our hair and the smell of flowers dancing around our nostrils once more. For Sylvanas, For the Forsaken!!!
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Ciceró, The Man Behind the Bones
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