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 Project Outline - Venomspite.

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Project Outline - Venomspite. Empty
PostSubject: Project Outline - Venomspite.   Project Outline - Venomspite. I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 14, 2010 3:40 pm

*A large log-book, almost untouched, rest's in the Apothecarium. On the first page - the writing has begun!*

This book has been published by the Royal Apothecary Society as a record of "the Apothecarium's", special Undercity sector of the RAS, progress in Venomspite - our most forward base in Northrend.

FIRST ENTRY: Grand Apothecary Darsolenew Duskmantle.
Here I write out our aims once we reach Venomspite, they should be completed in around three weeks.


The Scarlet scum at New Hearthglen are to be held at bay while we attempt to perfect a devastating weapon.
The Scourge forces which continue to rise at the Carrion Fields are to be weakened considerably.
The Alliance base of Wintergarde is to be assaulted frequently, to prevent a northern assault.

Contact is to be made with the forces at Wyrmrest and, eventually, the Horde forces at Agmar's Hammer.
Scouting forces may also survey the northern area, specifically Scarlet Point to assess activity there.

Final Objective: A safe path is to be forged between Venomspite and Agmar's Hammer.

The native race known as the Wolvar are to be tested upon to establish resistances and potential usage.
The energy source of the Obsidian Dragonshrine is to located and replicated, if possible.
The arcane potential of the Azure Dragonshrine is to be examined.

Final Objective: Create a portable power supply for use in field operations.
Research and Development:

Exotic and toxic plant samples from the Emerald Dragonshrine are to be collected and utilised.
Supernatural products from souls on the Forgotten Shore are to harvested and operated on.
Plagued flesh from Icemist Village, where the Taunka fall, is to be examined rigorously.

Final Objective: Create a bio-bomb to devastate New Hearthglen.

These our are aims. Department leaders are expected to publish progress in this log.

Report end.
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Project Outline - Venomspite.
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