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 Cassie Sorrowhearts Story

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Cassie Sorrowheart

Cassie Sorrowheart

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PostSubject: Cassie Sorrowhearts Story   Cassie Sorrowhearts Story I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 11:14 pm

[Tatterd journal with the Words, Cassie Mar, Reads]:

Dear Journal I dont know how I live with my self when I was a kid my Father allways told me, Your mother is so proud of you for what you are becoming. Thats all Diffrent now...
My Uncle thought he kill me and bring me back but the proplem is... Thats not all even in death wwhen I was alive he still taunted me...Stopping me from contacting my Fellow elven Kin But thats diffrent now...I've been offerd a Place next to The Lich kings Side I know that I can do great next to him...

[few weeks later in the Journal]:
I coudln't believe I just killed that family for power...I knew them i helped them in the living...Oh the Pain I wish I can just kill my self and never be brought back again...I leave...Wait my will Its free! I can do waht I want, I will run away from the Scourge and head to Undercity...become a Forsaken yes! I will do that!

[Anougtehr week]:

In Undercity...its quiet dark and gloomy here but I come across a Man named 'Shalis' He Promised me he help me get revenge upon my Father and Uncle for what they have done...and I will serve him till my dying breath...

[Few days later]:

I can't believe it...Not only was I killed again I had my Soul ripped from my body and made a Banshee...Master was Uncle is crazy and being a Banshee is nothing...I want to go through... Now for revenge I found my corpse my eyes glow Red and are hungry for revenge he promised he train me...and i shall not fail

[The Journal reachs its last page]:

My master set me out alone a few weeks ago Im on my own... Seeking out power and Strength But somthing hasen't left me...My blood, Its Cursed an Eternal battle between light and Dark Run cold inside my ma9n fear is if one wins im dead, But I've come across a Man named Darsolanew Duskmantle also Grand Master for the "Apothecarium"...Im going to burry this journal later insure no one finds it...If any one dose return it to me...and I shall Grant you a reward...

[end of the Journal]
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Cassie Sorrowhearts Story
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