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 Hell; For The Avarage Hero. - In short. (( And a little bit of snooty linguism. ))

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Hell; For The Avarage Hero. - In short. (( And a little bit of snooty linguism. )) Empty
PostSubject: Hell; For The Avarage Hero. - In short. (( And a little bit of snooty linguism. ))   Hell; For The Avarage Hero. - In short. (( And a little bit of snooty linguism. )) I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 13, 2010 9:35 pm

A common known fact, upon those who bescreen it. Such Heroes that have been made a minstrel, by consorting with danger. But here, on pain of death and danger, we join heroes. Heroes to, that join with that of movéd devils in the hells. We may call these heroes, Sampson and Charlotte.

Charlotte, placed her grip under the orc's neck, thrusting the orc to the wall. Sampson grinned at her vile company. Such airy coals the orc had thrown, and Charlotte was not one to carry coals. The orc, so sure of his own victory had forgotten a woman's unattained washing blows. Endarting the orc's own skin, she cut through his neck like butter, to a hot knife.

"An ugly, weak orc, shouldn't be in guard of such an important measure" Sampson whispered.

"A visor, for a visor" Charlotte smirked, looking down at the orc's helmet that span wildly in seperation to it's accustomed armor. "Yet still, commenting on the orc's appearance is burning daylight, to us. Come, there are other profane monsters we should slay" She turned her back and began to scale the heightened reaches.

Sampson frowned obtusely, his scathes tearing what humor he held. He too began the climb. It was not long before they reached their area of safety. They had looked back, while climbing upon the ever waxing vale, their dull earth seeming weak and retired in compare to such a place of grasping beauty. It was not for long, they could hold this portrait, as more orcs sprang from a their grim passage. Sampson muttered an invocation, fire spurting from his arms as it tore his enemies asunder. The bodies, lay like abrahams under veil of a rainy night. It was not long, before Charlotte managed to discourse.

"Let's continue, I've heard the mountain's passage should soon be open towards valiants such as us" She looked plainly at Sampson, who was now searching through the orc's belongings.

"I still do not understand what meaning we go to these towers, where dragons o'erperch the rims. I cannot strain your measure" He was clearly sceptical.

"We travel the hills, the rivers and craggy steps which encompass the region, to find this destination, where we have known we travel for three weeks. And now, you ask wherefore? Is there something of your own counsel I should be hidden from knowing?" Charlotte stung him, as a vicious insect would have. Sampson recoiled.

"It hasn't yet, that I have seen it. But you do not consider me such a skinless coward, when you are faced with that.. Gall!" He gestured to the up-coming wake.

"Yet, we knew it would not be the artist's silly" She shook her head, heading for the enterance of the parting cavern.

Sampson was turning around, but it was all a speedlike blur. Orcs, rained down among him, Charlotte turned, she doffed her friendship and ran for the cave. Sampson's new thoughts were that of what he loved. It came soon, as the axe left him strained on the floor, a dismantled sack of flesh. He scoffed and cried for his mother. Tears, were the only thing he could muster. A proroguéd death, a light love of danger, had earned him an hour of slow pain and death. Slowly.. Ever fading. It was all substantial, now. The horrid pain that had gripped his throat. The orcs had cleared, and now Charlotte wandered back. Before she could say a word, Sampson spoke out.

"A curse! A curse on you, and your star-fated adventure! Ill fortune and.." He spluttered, blood and phlegm filtering his breath and movements. "Death" He coughed, keeling over like a butcher's meat ripped from the cleaver. Alive, but in hope of death.

"H-hah.. You expect that, to deter my bent mission! Baleful, but meaningless words you speak with zest. Strained causes, for your d-death!" Her voice was harsh, but with phantom-like anxiety. She was unsure of what she was saying. "No, you shall die in your own time.. Grace and rude will, is what I serve. And they are two different things" She looked back at the heap of flesh and blood that had once been her consorted 'friend'. He spat, then stayed her friend. "Benedicite!" She hoped to free her mind, however that was clearly not her distemp'rature. His intercession had been granted.

She continued on into the cavern, Sampson's 'curse', had repeated on her head's non-will. Her skin was now sallow, she was alone.

I am alone.

Her mind, was taking her. The cavern was dark, no place for her. Sampson's pack which had been taken contained their food. It hit her. She was going to die here.

This was hell.

For the next days, obseesion drove her wit. An idolatry of glory, she cut through the many orcs, which left her haggard a beggar to fate's unmerciful desires. It soon came she struck her own sword through her heart, in unstuffed mind of love and friendship.

And so, my audiented friends. Hell is profoundly for heroes. Do this writing grace, and do yourself grace, too.

(( Another writing, during my reading of Animal Farm. Please, do pick up on any mistakes and the old English that is used, which doesn't make sense to you, I am free to answer or correct it! ))

(( Some meanings of the old English, phrases, words! Feel free to use these in role-play, if you wish! Impressive! I've put it in order of appearance. An attempt at being helpful! This is NOT trying to undermine your intelligence! I expect alot of you, already know, what the meanings are! But feel free, if you do not to have a look. ))>>>

(Bescreen - Hidden expression or just hidden.
(Minstrel - A hired musician or jester, referred to with distaste.
(Movéd - Angry or 'moved'.
(Thrust to the wall - Cowardly dominated.
(Coals & Carrying Coals - Insults and an Insult Carrier [Evidently].
(Airy - Unmeaningful, petty.
(Visor for a Visor - "A mask for an ugly face"
(Burning Daylight - Wasting time.
(Waxing - Growing
(Invocation - Spell
(Asunder - Torn apart, in the stories case.
(Abrahams - A homeless person, tramp.
(Discourse - Speak
(O'erperch - Fly over.
(Wherefore - Why.
(Counsel - Personal thoughts.
(Gall - A metaphorical prison.
(Artist's Silly - Artist's obsession, e.g. A beautiful landscape.
(Doff - Doffed - Throw, threw.
(Proroguéd - Postponed.
(Light love - False love, fickle adoration.
(Subsantial - Real, a reality that hits you, in sense.
(Star-fated - Ill-fated. In another 'star-crossed lovers'.
(Bent - Obessed, or great determination.
(Baleful - Evil, poisonous.
(Zest - Passion, related to a fruit, yes.
(Grace and rude will - 'I serve only divine power and human desires'
(Stay, Stayed - Kills.
(Bendicite - Bless you.
(Distemp'rature - Troubled Mind.
(Intercession - Entreaty or request.
(Sallow - Pale
(Idolatry - Worship, have faith in.
(Unstuffed - Empty.
(Grace - Favour.

(( And.. Done! Good luck! ))

*A lavishly sketched hand writing. The ink is a rich blue*

Property of Darrius, 12 years old.
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Hell; For The Avarage Hero. - In short. (( And a little bit of snooty linguism. ))
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