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 Nakasu's lifetime stories.

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Tristan / Nakasu

Tristan / Nakasu

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Nakasu's lifetime stories. Empty
PostSubject: Nakasu's lifetime stories.   Nakasu's lifetime stories. I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 09, 2010 4:06 pm

(( 'lo, here i link some of my old stories i've made about nakasu, hope ye like 'em Smile ))

Nakasu's failure. ( a story from the time when nakasu was a member of BSE.)

It was a stormy, snow stormy and windy evening at Stormpeaks..Nakasu Traveled bravely with his windrider towards the highest peak of Stomrpeak, to begin the ritual of storms. When he had last time been in these areas, he was in age of he's 52, and that confuses him. These once proud bluffs and peaks were once home of the Earthen and MAidens..Now, only icy peaks...Proto drakes, and frostwyrms fly over the area, Nakasu and his windrider, Bob had alot trouble getting to peak and avoiding these monsters, but when they reached the peak, everything seemed fine.

''The storm is coming...And it shall drown Sion's so called ''wreck'' crew...Admiral shall see that i'm more use than just being a good swabby and a loyal member of crew..That'll change..I'll be a strong and vise member..''

Nakasu mumbled to himself and ordered his Windrider stay still...Nakasu had trouble getting to his seat at the middle of the peak, where his former Captin, Grillok ''faithfull'' had sitted 20 years ago, and teached Nakasu the art of controlling the storms, with those talents, the ew had managed to survive from many storms, but sometimes captain had wanted to test, was the crew still skilled, and if they weren't...It was their own death.. Nakasu snarled, as he remembered the words Grillok spoke of..

Nakasu took his seat..placed the ingredients in front of him, and closed his eyes...Ice started to coat over his body and armour, becoue the air was so cold...Even windrider had trouble staying warm, even that it had thick hide and Nakasus own made leather harness on. So it begun, Nakasu beginned the took only several minutes...As big stormclouds and twisters begun to gather around the peak. Nakasu kept his eyes closed, and continued muttering the words of the ritual..

''..The rage cannot be controlled without rage..''
''..Your friends will abandon you, of your failure, fool..''
''..Storm is a person..raging one...if you don't master the rage and will consume you..''

Those were the words Grillok had spoken when Nakasu had almost kicked him down from the peak in rage, as he had heard why had so many of his friends died in the ship..

''If you cannot live without friends, you have failed..You're no true shaman, you're useless lonely cow...Get out of my sight..''

After those words..Nakasu had kicked his captain down from the peak.

''I will show you, that no rage is needed to control need to be evil..!''

...After those words Nakasu had answered when he was sitting on his seat...He begin to vibrate and fear...He realised he couldn't control the storm..and it begun to strike Nakasu with its wrath.. Lightining after lightining striked Nakasu, he groaned in pain, and finally, a frigid and violent wind dropped him..and his windrider down from th peaks...He yelled..

''I've failed you, Admiral..!''

''Where the hell am i..?'' he mumbled, as he opened his eyes and noticed he had falled a big distance..But his Windrider had slowed the falling by grapping from Nakasus cloak and slowing down the fall, even that it had hurted its wing by the violent wind, so it used its own body to Slow down Nakasus fall..Bob licked Nakasus hand gently, as if it would be okay. ''Mmmhmm.. Loyal pet, indeed...You've served me fo-'' Nakasu noticed that huge amounts of blood were oozing from his windriders side, it had hurted itself when it had slowed down Nakasus falling..

'''ll heal you up, you're gonna be just as okay as i am, heh...!'' Nakasu whispered to its ear, and beginned to use its harness to stop the bleeding, but it didn't work, the beast stopped licking...looking to its maser genlty, before closing its eyes..

''Wait my friend..! I will heal you,..just..Give me time!''
Nakasu pressed his hands over the windriders side..And attempted to heal it, but was way too weak to close that big wound..

''Don't you dare to leave me freeze out here Alone..!'' He said and managed to heal the beast abit...The windrider opened its eyes once again and looked to its master...

''Come, my friend..lets..leave..''

Nakasu said and attempted to help the animal up, but the beast growled in pain...It was suffering alot. Nakasu smiled to it..patting its cheek and kept whispering that he'll heal the wound soon. He knew clearly he couldn't do that in hours. The beast layd itself on the snow, unable to act becouse of the pain..Nakasu looked the loyal windrider..Beginning to cry.. He grasped from the windriders heads sides, looking to its eyes and saying. ''Ill promise, that we'll fly soon together in afterlife..i will join you soon my friend!'' he managed to say the words out from his mouth and roared in anger..As he cracked the beasts neck..Nakasu laid his own body over the body and smacked his fists on the body, crying helplessly..

Suddenly, a lightining stroke just about 10 yards next to him...The storm was laughing at him and his failure, humiliating the tauren shaman..Nakasu beginned to listen the voices of his own master in his mind..and looked with so hatefull sight to the stormclouds above in the skeis, that a gnome would've died on the sight. As second lightining attempted to hit Nakasu..Nakasu roared in both ager and berserking rage. His muscles begun to grow and his eyes begun to glow he Grasped from the lightining..And kept it in his hands...Groaning and yelling.. ''I will slave you..! I will make you suffer, i will humiliate you, you storm..!'' and he kept channeling the powers from the cloud..he was enslaving an element itself to serve him...The cloud begun to twist and disappear, and finally, as the whole cloud disappeared, the lightining also disappeared. Nakasu looked to himself...His black furr was now covered with sparkling lightinings and his eyes were covered with lightining coloured pupils...

''...what you should do, to give up for hate and will take control by itself...Friends are no source of power...But you're a Grimtotem..You're made to kill...Enslave..Use your Grimtotem evil spirit to enslave even greater power...'' had his former Captain said..

''I will show you, by nether..that i can control this hate and anger..I will not become a monster, like my sister did..'' mumbled Nakasu to himself...And turned into stormbolt, flying towards Lordaeron..

A once peacefull and friendly tauren had now inside him rage of a Grimtotem...And the power of a Storm spirit...

A day later, at the coast of a pirate bay, hidden between wetlands and Arathi Highlands...

''I want to meet the captain around here..'' Nakasu spoke to a defias swabby. The Swabby motioned him to follow himself to the ship.. ''Looks just like Majis Tiras...Sadly, becouse my failure... It is now on pieces..And i will not rest, untill my failure is paid..and that son of a bich elf Síon is dead...'' he mumbled to himself...He blinked his eyes, as they entered to Captains room..A human captain, looked to tauren with interested look.. ''What do you wan', Lass'? I have little time for cow offsprings..'' he laughed with the crew inside his cabin. ''I've got a offer that you cannot resist..'' Nakasu said and grinned..

Outside the boat, Nakasu, about 14 crewmembers of Defias, and the captain standed on the bay..Looking at the Tauren. '' You can have this power..that i'll show you, defias pirate..'' said Nakasu...And rised his arms towards the sea...Rising a huge typhoon from the water and suddenly the sky darkened by stormclouds..the lightinings striked the sea and the waves smashed against the rocks and bay...SHaking the bay a bit. ''...If you win the bet.'' He said and looked behind him.. ''Wha' ye wan' me to put in bet..?'' said the human captain..looking to tauren interested. ''I want that ship..'' Nakasu said and pointed towards the ship.. The captain grinned, and silenced the crew around him who said just to kill the tauren and steal its power. ''I'll accept..''

And so Nakasu and had a lottery...The one who would have bigger number from the lottery, would win.. Nakasu shaked the glass..and looked his numbers, 15. Then captain took his turn..and shaed the glass...13. Nakasu grinned...Captain striked his fist on the table, roaring. ''Kill him!'' Nakasu grapsed from his shield and parried first strikes coming from next to him and took abit distance... He used a wave next to the pirates to knock them all over bay to water, aswell captain, they tried to get up from water, but the rock sides were slippy.. Nakasu then smirked...and casted a chain lightining to water..shocking the humans from alive to dead... He grinned...and cutted off the ropes that kept the vessel on bay...He walked calmly to the ship..and took his sail...Alone, towards Kalimdor.[u]
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Nakasu's lifetime stories.
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