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 The Apothecarium - What you need to know.

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The Apothecarium - What you need to know. Empty
PostSubject: The Apothecarium - What you need to know.   The Apothecarium - What you need to know. I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2010 3:56 pm

The Apothecarium is a 'Heavy'-RP Guild on the Sha'tar Realm, EU.
We focus exclusively on Forsaken-RP and are the only Guild, currently, on the Realm which offers such a unique outlet for Forsaken players.

This thread aims to give a brief outline of the Guild so that you can learn a bit about us, before you make an application and we learn a bit about YOU!

-What exactly is the guild?-

“The Apothecarium” is first and foremost a Heavy-RP Forsaken Guild. It is significant within the Sha’tar community as the solitary guild dedicated to Forsaken RP.

We are home to around 40 active members, dedicated to creating a friendly atmosphere. In addition to this we have around 100 members in total, many of whom are alts who only occasionally grace us with their presence!

A dozen members are now level 80 and ad hoc Guild heroic runs often beckon. Around this ‘core’ of experienced Role-players’ we are tolerant and understanding in accepting those new to Role-play, and happily welcome any who simply wish to learn how to immerse themselves in the dark Lore of our people.

-What are the recruitment restrictions?-

Above all we necessitate that all applicants are Forsaken characters or are of Elven kind with a strong affiliation with our race.

Those Elven sympathisers, who most importantly revere the Banshee Queen alongside us, are welcomed if they present themselves effectively. In addition to this aesthetic necessity, we want people who shall lend themselves to our unique community.

Another important point is knowledge of Lore. You do not have to be an experience Roleplayer to apply, but if you do need to have done your research and be aware of the main themes surrounding Forsaken. You should at least have a basic understanding of our history, culture and current activities.

It is also advisable that you form a character background before you apply, which must be fitting with all established Lore, but you are free to add or edit it as you progress in the Guild.
We need friendly, fairly active (no official restrictions) and enthusiastic individuals to add to our ranks! To encourage activity all applicants must be level 10+.

- What can the Guild offer me?-

- A distinctive “non-linear” ranking structure. The Guild is based around three departments, Research + Development, Testing and Implantation, each with its own RP agenda, events, meetings and leadership.

- Regular internal guild events: in character dungeon runs, trying ‘escort’ events, entertaining social gatherings at Gallows End (including storytelling), central fortnightly meetings to discuss pressing issues, dramatic RP PvP raids, desperate rescue missions, wild treasure hunts and reagent runs across hostile territories!

- Frequent ‘external’ guild interaction! We’ve hosted a grand Ball in our own great City. We make sure to attend community events, especially on formal occasions. We’ve provided informative and often amusing tours around the laboratory for curious students of the Arcane and held lectures to inform others of our ways.

- A striking tabard of noxious green and pitch black. As well as access to RP Gear in one of three bank tabs, a uniformly menacing appearance as we glide about in flowing robes and sinister masks!

- Access to three bank tabs two of which are dedicated to professions, recipes and products. Particular support is leant to Alchemy, which proves very useful for RP, and there is a wealth of herbs which our members have access to.

- In addition to structured RP events we endeavour to maintain active RP in the Undercity itself as often as possible. This runs roughly 3 nights a week and is entirely spontaneous, therefore its size and significance can vary hugely.

- Uniquely evil RP, there is a noticeable lack of this kind of ‘villainous’ roleplay but we are dedicated to it alone. If you’re at all interested: simply roll an alt and join us!

-How do I apply?-

Simply contact in game any of the following:

Grand Apothecary Darsolenew Duskmantle
Apothecary Gorgothor La’Vey, Apothecary Anthorius Krastov.

Any of these leading members should endeavour to assist you with your application.
In game mail is the most reliable option or an OOC whisper can do the trick! An in-character interview shall then be conducted and hopefully you’ll soon join us in our villainous exploits!

Alternatively, if it is more convenient for you, post an application on this forum and we'll be sure to get in touch with you as soon as possible!

-Anything else?-

We do not simply seek mains. Alts are welcome so long as they are played at least occasionally and you make a marked effort to attend events while getting involved in RP as much as you can.

Equally – all those who have been drawn to this thread as curious past members, who left for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to return to us! Odds are we miss you just as you miss the fun we enjoyed. Please: now is a great time to return, with the planned evolution of the guild into a major RP community.
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The Apothecarium - What you need to know.
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