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 General Discussion/Sticky's!

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General Discussion/Sticky's! Empty
PostSubject: General Discussion/Sticky's!   General Discussion/Sticky's! I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2010 2:00 pm

Just three comments on these now, WONDERFULLY AWESOME Forums. Can I point out, first of all, that what we have on this forum is now really very special.

Most Guild's 'have' forums, but they never touch them with a barge pole. Ours are now very impressive. We, just the 60 of us, make more posts a day than the 1000's who browse the Sha'tar Realm Forums, (on average), and it really does seem to be creating a brilliant community where we share stories and ideas beyond the World itself.

Now... enough of the 'we-do-good' speech. Three things:

1. We need to be getting more people onto these forums. While many people are now here, it still seems to be the 'same old' faces making threads or replies. Now, that's not at all a bad thing, after all Bekka (with a record 95 posts as I type) is effectively in charge of keeping the cobwebs off this site.
BUT I do need all you people to urge any Guildies not yet on the forums to head over here and enjoy them! They're missing out, and we don't want to create a situation where the Guild is essentially split between the Loyal Forum Goers and the "Wat-We-Have-A-Forum?" Members.

2. I have noticed that the OOC Board is getting a bit... untidy. Not sure if anyone else thinks that quite a few of the topics posted in the "OOC" section could be placed in the "General Discussion" section, just to keep the place neat.
Please think about this before we get into the habbit of failing to organise the forums, otherwise it will all quickly just become very confusing if the sub-category sections are not used.

3. Finally. I have now discovered how to make sticky's! And you shall see them around the place as often as appropriate. Administrators: You simply edit the post concerned and then select the "sticky" option (as opposed to a "normal" option) further down the page.
Don't start going crazy with sticky's, but if there are some threads out there which shall be "eternally useful" then let's get them stuck at the top for all to see!

That's all from me! Yes, this is Darsy himself (!?), and yes I do take a glance at these forums at the very least daily. I don't want them to be used to contact me all the time over any little problems, and I'm very glad that (perhaps suprisingly) that hasn't happened at all so far. Keep up the good work! Keep up the fun! Keep smiling!

1. Encourage 'other members' onto the Forums.
2. Keep the OOC section tidy, use the General Discussion's section!
3. Sticky's are now around!
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General Discussion/Sticky's!
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